XilonenDK – Mexican Food

Today I am going to show you a very different and traditional restaurant: Xilonen! I was invited to try their food and I couldn’t be more grateful. Shall we see?

Xilonen is a Mexican restaurant where everything is based on organic and not genetically modified corn, so it’s gluten free! That seems great, doesn’t it? To raise the bar they do vegan dishes, just ask for it. And that is why I was invited to taste their food. Did I enjoy it? Let’s see. 

P.S. This was the first time I ate Mexican food.

The facade is beautiful, full of color. The restaurant is super cozy, small and with a familiar environment. As soon as we entered (Me and C) we were welcomed with open arms and genuine sympathy that I had never seen before. I was explained the history and curiosities of Mexican cuisine and I let the chef choose for us, after all, I had never tried Mexican food.

In this restaurant you can choose tacos, empanadas, tostadas and quesadillas. I leave here the menu

They decided to make for us a combo with an empanada, a tostada and a quesadilla, for me of mushrooms and without animal products, and for him, one of meat and cheese and the rest of mushrooms. For drinking I chose a mexican lemonade with lime and mint, and for him a beer.

To accompany, we were served a set of sauces: Salsa Macha (the darkest), Cebolla morada (the purple onions, from Yucatan) and Salsa verde (the green one), the first is the most spicy and the last is the least spicy (the only one I can eat ahah).

I leave the photos below. Unfortunately the photos do not have the best quality due to the light type of the restaurant, nor do they do justice to the quality of what we ate. Everything was divine and super tasty. We promised ourselves we would come back (and we actually did ahah).

The restaurant opened on November 1st and is still little known – I do not know how honestly, it is impossible to eat there and not come back! 

Final thoughts: it’s a restaurant that serves “home-made” and delicious food with vegan and always gluten-free options. It has an extremely cozy and familiar atmosphere and it is impossible to not want to return.

Thanks for the opportunity!

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