Would you rather? With Beatriz Matos

Hello everyone! Today we have a special post, do you know why? Because it was a collaboration with Beatriz Matos of the blog Diamond. In this post, Beatriz will be exposed to questions in which she will only have two chances to answer. AH! She will also have to justify her answer 🙂 The questions are going to be about food and exercise. Curious? Let’s see what she answers!

Imagine that for a month you could only eat in one of these 2 places, what would it be?

  • School cafeteria
  • In a specific chain of fast food

Hi, Sara, you caught me, did you know that? Because eating is life and having to choose like this becomes complicated… But I think my choice will surely be crucified by many students… So I choose the first one, school cafeteria. Why? Not that the food is brilliant, but it is always better than spending a whole month eating at a place where there is only fast food that would be too tempting to spend huge money every day and it can not be.

You’re not vegan or vegetarian. If for a week you had to follow a strict vegetarian diet, what food would you be unable to prove?

  • Avocado
  • Tofu

Well… I’m starting to think that I’m screwed with you (laughs… kidding eheh)… Hmmm complicated question… Tofu… This is my answer because, honestly, I have never tasted it and I do not know what it tastes like…

To be healthy you do not just have to eat well, it is also necessary to exercise. What does it cost you the most?

  • 1 hour running
  • 2-3 hours dancing Zumba

Let’s be honest, I just like a little bit of physical exercise, due to my spine problem that prevents me from doing a lot of exercise and everything I do has to be careful or I can hurt myself seriously… SO my answer will be the second one, no doubt that dancing Zumba so much time should be exhausting.

P.S. I’ve never danced Zumba, I do not know what it really is and how much it can cost (physically).

You should be drinking 1.5 liters of water. Would you rather:

  • Drink 1,5 liters of water
  • Drink 1,5 liters of tea

The truth… is that I am not a fan of water and it is very costly that I often drink it, drinking more in the summer than in the rest of the year… My answer is clear… I choose without doubt the tea, because it is also liquid and it does well right? Besides that we also have different flavors so I fully support the tea.

Which of these recipes would you try?

  • Vegan lasagna
  • Vegan chocolate mousse made with avocado

But Sara, why are you making life difficult for me? Ai ai (laughs)… They’re vegan… But just by reading the first words my god, they’re too tempting (laughs). But if I have to choose only one, I would choose lasagna. The reason is because if I am not mistaken it is made with vegetables, it has a super delicious look. Although I have never tasted, it should do better than the typical lasagna and because it is something I want to taste soon. 

If you had to choose one of these 2 for the rest of your life, what would it be?

  • Hamburger
  • Pizza

This is too easy, I choose hamburger. Because hamburger is good, it’s life and I can not get enough 😛

Would you live without?

  • Milk
  • Cheese

I would live without cheese, because it is not something I eat regularly, of course I like to eat sometimes, but not always.

Imagine that you found abandoned animals that are at risk of life. Which would you choose to adopt? 

  • A pig
  • A chicken

I would adopt a pig in this situation, because it does not bite me (the chicken would do it for sure and I can not catch a chicken, don’t laugh but it’s true, it’s hard for me to see people grabbing the poor little creatures by the wings, it’s like I can feel the pain of the chickens). A pig because it is an animal that eats everything so I could eat and share with the animal without problem xD

Terias a oportunidade de abraçar um destes animais, qual seria?

  • A cow
  • A sheep

I would hug a sheep, because I think they are cuter than a cow and I have many sheep near the house and the little ones are the biggest temptation.

In this one you can answer whatever you want. Regarding food, would you like to change anything? Would you like to try something new? What would you like to do to help our planet but still do not do it?

Good, just by being a free answer is excellent (laughs)… Regarding food  I would like to change my excessive taste for French fries. I would like to try healthier foods such as vegan lasagna. Trying to raise awareness that it is necessary to not pollute so much, like the situation that has happened with our river Tagus (ours because I live 4,5 km from the river Tagus) is a situation that ends up harming the planet and not only. I am sincere that I am not always the best person not to throw things to the ground in the middle of the street, but also who has not already done that throw the first stone right? Yes, I think that in order for many people to change their way of thinking and acting, it is necessary that we all engage and be able to change and not harm ourselves, because all our negative actions cause nature to bring consequences that we do not like to watch … But did we already think that she also suffers from our less positive attitudes?


Thank you Beatriz for answering my questions, which were not always easy ahah. Check out what Beatriz prepared for me in her post! It is about cartoons 🙂 Kiss!

P.S. Beatriz’s post are in Portuguese!