What do I eat in a day?

What do you eat anyway? Don’t you even eat fish? So what about protein? You’re going to be anemic… Have we all (vegetarians and vegans) had to hear this right? Right. In my point of view, they don’t say this to be mean: some say that because they really care about us and aren’t aware of alternative food, others because they like to give opinions about everything.

I decided to show what I normally eat in a day. Not to show that you have to do the same as me, but to give ideas, to show  you that there are so many different foods that provide us what we need and that the food can be extremely pleasant (extremely tasty!), both visually and taste.

All meals and snacks in this article are explained and with their recipe, in separate articles.

I hope you enjoy it, that you feel inspired and realize that it is not difficult to follow a vegetarian / vegan diet.

Always learning!


I’m not a morning person, at all, so I had to get something simple, but it would be nourishing so I could handle the morning without getting hunger. For me, smothies work: I pick two pieces of fruit, add some nuts and a little bit of rice “milk” (my favorite is Shoyce‘s) and that’s it. I was inspired today and put some granola on top. The cinnamon on milkshakes also delicious.










As you may imagine, I vary throughout the week what I eat at lunch, to avoid eating the same ingredients. Today we decided to eat red bean burger. Super easy to make and it’s delicious! I accompanied with potatoes in the oven and a nice salad of lettuce, cucumber, carrot and corn. I spread sesame seeds all over the plate.


Do you know when it’s cold outside and you need the so-called “comfort food”? For me, oatmeal is my comfort. They are easy to make, can be combined with fruit, chocolate, nuts, etc. Today I made my oatmeal (a cup of gluten-free oat flakes for two cups of water or vegetable milk, with lemon peel) with apple, cinnamon, agave and grated coconut. It tasted so good ?


Every day, our dinner starts with a nice soup of veggies. Today for the dinner we had tofu stroganoff (biological from ALDI) with mushrooms, served with basmati rice and a great salad (attention I ate salad twice today, but it was by chance, I usually vary between salad and vegetables). The tofu was delicious, I will certainly repeat this recipe over and over again! 😀

This was my day, once again I hope you have enjoyed it! Feel free to comment and share with your friends ?

P.S. If you have an idea or suggestion for a post that you would like me to do, write it here in the comments or send me an email. Thank you!

Kiss, Sara.