Vegan summer vacation

Hello everyone! 🙂 This year we took a week to go on a holiday to Algarve, more specifically Manta Rota! As soon as we started to organize the holidays came the biggest problem: when we dine out, where do we go and what do we eat? Well, if you don’t know I’m a strict vegetarian (when I eat out) and I don’t consume gluten (I shouldn’t due to fibromyalgia). If you think about it, it is not easy to find food that meets these requirements. I’ll show you what I ate, where and how it went

Delizia – Tavira

In this ice cream shop we can find homemade ice creams, having some already won prizes and we can find ice cream made with fruit and water: sorbets. All ice creams have plates showing the symbols of their constituents, such as water, milk, sugar, wheat, nuts, etc. Me and my boyfriend bought 3 balls of ice cream for 4.30 € (nothing expensive in my view) and they were delicious. We bought lemon, strawberry and passion fruit, as you can see in the photo. So vegans, you are welcome here 

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Honorato’s – Vila Real de Santo António

One of the times we went out for dinner, we decided to go to an Italian because after all it is the easiest cooking style to eat vegan (the Indian style too but we didn’t find anything near us). Everything that was vegetarian contained milk or cheese so I had to decide for some pasta. I spoke with the waiter and I only had one option: eat pasta with tomato sauce and mushrooms (which he nicely added). It was delicious, the amount was more than enough and the tomato sauce was made by them, it wasn’t packed. In addition, my parents asked for garlic bread (yey, gluten 🙁 ). Again, the very friendly waiter said he could make the garlic bread without cheese, replacing it with olive oil! Obviously I accepted and it was divine  

As for the prices, garlic bread (huge) cost 3€ and my improvised pasta 8€. It was worth it, great terrace and I’ll come back for sure!  

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Bella Napoli – Vila Real de Santo António

Another Italian, but this time I opted for a pizza, although I was craving a lasagna 🙁

The pizza I chose was the vegetarian, however I asked to change it. I removed the cheese and the olives and traded for pineapple and arugula 🙂 The crust was thin and crispy, the fresh ingredients and the employees were always VERY friendly. Price: € 7.50

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To sum up:

Although not easy, it is possible to find vegan food and people willing to change the dishes so we can eat 🙂 As for gluten that obviously went wrong: the fact that, although in small quantities, consuming gluten practically every day, promoted a fibromyalgia crisis (a huge one). The effects of gluten are not psychological (sometimes I wish they are) nor is just bloating. Symptoms such as extreme tiredness, feeling of depression, unhappiness, sleep disturbances, lack of concentration, etc., are part of the consumption of gluten And why? Because gluten can lower the production of serotonin, the hormone of “well-being.” As you can imagine I just ended my vacations in a great way 🙁 Lesson learned!

Hope you liked, kiss!*