Vegan family lunch

Today I bring you a “dilemma” that occasionally appears to me. When you have visitors, who are omnivores, do you cook meat/fish for them, or do you cook vegan/vegetarian dishes?

I am asking you this question, because this weekend came family from abroad who has an omnivorous diet. We don’t eat meat. My parents only eat fish (and only once in a while), my sister is ovo-vegetarian and I am vegan.

Obviously this question appears: Should I go against my idels to please my family that is on vacation? My mother and I “discussed” this issue and we came to the answer NO. For me, veganism or vegetarianism is like a religion. I really believe and fight for it. I respect (but don’t understand) those who do not make an effort and those have to respect me. What sense does it make to be buying and promoting what I don’t believe to please other people?

It went well, no one died of hunger and they liked it a lot 🙂 After all, we make up the problems, don’t we?

I’ll show you what our vegan lunch was like! I hope you like it and write in the comments what you think and/or what you would do! 


As appetizers, we served two ALDI vegan pates: one with eggplant and one with lentils + curry, with rice toasts and spelt toast. There were also olives with olive oil, garlic and oregano.




Main dishes

For the main dish we made the vegan tortilla (recipe) and the bean stew (recipe) and a huge salad of lettuce, cucumber, arugula and grated carrot, seasoned with lots of aromatic herbs.



For dessert we opened a melon (which was divine!), served grapes and an apple delight (recipe).