Vegan and zero waste deodorant – Saponina

Saponina deodorants are zero waste (no package), 100% natural and biological, vegan and are not tested on animals. Curious? So was I! 🙂

What is expected and a little information

Saponina deodorant contains palmarosa essential oil or tee tree, which has an action on the bacteria. Saponina deodorants are formulated only with natural and biological ingredients and do not block sweat, they only regulate the bacterium Staphylococcus hominis (which is responsible for causing odor), neutralizing the odor which is much healthier. Among other ingredients it contains the sodium bicarbonate that regulates the pH of the deodorant, the white clay used for its cleansing and cleansing properties and coconut oil and shea butter to maintain hydration and comfort.

Anti-perspirants are deodorants formulated with synthetic ingredients (such as aluminum, zirconium, parabens, phenoxyethanol, etc.) that block sweat channels and inhibit the glands in order to block the release of toxins, ie prevent sweat release by that it is trapped within the pores. This happens due to the presence of aluminum, which has the power to close the pores. The more aluminum there is in a formulation, the more it will close the pores and for a longer period of time. This is the case for deodorants 24 or 48 hours.

These antiperspirants have raised many controversies as they are associated with diseases such as breast cancer, renal failure and Alzheimer’s due to its action of hormonal breakdown.

Feedback has been very positive for men, sportsmen and people with odors very difficult to control. These products were created because the one has a daughter who is a sportsman of high competition and had already tried all kinds of biological deodorants and did not work, by mid day already felt odor. It was then able to create a natural formula with a good anti-bacterial action and extremely effective.

You will always feel some moisture, ie the toxins will continue to be naturally released, however the bacteria will be controlled thanks to the natural regulation of the pH level through baking soda, clays and natural essential oils.

They are more effective than alum stone or deodorants without aluminum salts and last longer than sticks.

There are 4 options:

Tea tree and palmarosa (+ strong, for odors + difficult to control)
– Herb and tea tree
– Palmarosa and lavender
– Tea tree, palmarosa and bergamot

How to use

To use you must wet the deodorant in water (hot or cold), and then pass it under the armpits, or pass directly into the armpits still wet after bathing. A thin layer of cream will be deposited on the skin. This layer will be enough to be effective.

Opinion – Tea tree and palmarosa

Appearance and delivery

As soon as I got the order came a wonderful smell. I can not tell you what, but a nice sweet smell. You see they wrapped with love! I loved the details such as the pink and white string, the beautiful blue-tie fabric and the ribbon glue with phrases and dolls. A love! 

I do not know about you but I value these details immensely.



Opening the package, I realized that they were still careful to put the deodorant in the carton! Idea super easy and effective, I liked it 🙂 To complement (as if this was not enough enough) they added a card with a message on the back. I loved it ♡ Thanks 

The package where the deodorant is is also (obviously) a love!


The deodorant is then wrapped in a blue paper for extra protection. Now, it smelled wonderful all over the room 



Does it work?

I admit that at the beginning I was quite reticent about this deodorant. Not because it is natural, but because it really leaves a layer of cream that leaves the skin super soft and, to my great amazement, with a very mild odor! For me there is no problem, because I do not like to mix the smell of the deodorant with the perfume I use! 😉

The first time I tried it was to go to the gym. Sink or swim! And I have to say, ran beautifully, as they said, really transpired, was wet, but smell? None!

In the meantime I continued to use it on a day-to-day basis and I became a fan! I have no idea how long it will last, but I assure you it will be enough. I go about 3 times in each armpit and it’s done.


The value of each deodorant is € 3.


I really liked it, another vegan product, organic and without animal cruelty, produced in Portugal! Is there any better than this? I do not think so 😛

I want to thank (a lot) to Liliana for this love of packaging and all the details, for the message and for this opportunity. I really liked this product. I wish you all the success in the world 

Do not forget that this brand is full of beautiful things like: lip moisturizing, body oil, soaps, toothpaste, scented messages, air fresheners, towels, old soybeans, etc.

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