Vegan and gluten free Workshop

As some of you already know, on Saturday, May 5th, I gave my first workshop! It was fantastic and I’m happy to share everything with you 

I did not think giving a workshop was part of my plans! I never imagined I had the opportunity to do it but I was surprised. Milocas Granel store (that I love) asked me if I was interested about giving a workshop. I admit that at the beginning I was quite afraid, after all, I only had the blog a little over a year ago. I am not at all an expert on the subject. But it’s a challenge and I accepted

Challenge accepted

First of all I had to delineate well what I was going to say so that people would know the topics that would be discussed in this workshop. I decided that I would talk about vegetarianism and veganism, gluten-free food, how food relates to Fibromyalgia and tips for reducing the ecological footprint.

The second step was to decide that I would not cook, I would only show a complete 100% vegetarian and gluten-free menu (starter, main course and dessert). Now you ask: So, Sara, would not it be better for people to learn how to make a recipe instead of just tasting it? My answer would be no. Before going to the recipes it is fundamental to understand why this food change, why this food harms us health and what alternatives exist.

Information is the most important

The big day has come! I put the table was thought to detail: everything reusable or paper, except for the cutlery (the alternative options were expensive), arranged in order and the surprises well hidden (under the table ahaha).

The workshop lasted 4 hours! One of my biggest fears was if there was no participation, if it was just me talking. But not. It was great, we talked about everything (even menstrual cups!), I think everyone liked it. It was fantastic to see that almost everyone was clinging to a notepad and a pen to take notes of everything. In the end, we all gathered around the table and tasted the menu (hummuscucumber spaghetti with sautéed veggies and  crème brulée). Only good reactions 

Couldn’t ask for better reception in this workshop

I asked them to sit down again because the surprise part arrived! Musa Natural Cosmetics was a sweetheart and offered me samples of its vegan products that are divine as I have shown here. I informed them that there were Portuguese vegan brands, such as Musa, that sell vegan products with immense quality and I draw the samples. They loved it and kept saying “they smelled so good!” 

To finish, I made some paper bags with crunchy cornflakes and with my blog card for all 🙂

It was exhausting and not easy to organize, but it was worth it. I met fantastic people and it was an afternoon of full knowledge exchange. I left with my heart full of love.

I hope you enjoyed! Kiss *