Tips for an easier week

There are days we need to have everything pretty much ready to go and nothing is done, right? Either we needed a snack, or we don’t know what to bring for lunch and nothing at all in the fridge. This happened to me (still happens, but less often, to be honest) before beginning to organize the food for the week. In this post I come to show you what I usually do to endure a week of stress and work, without worrying (too much!) about food. Let’s see? 🙂


It is essential to always be prevented and have a snack if you take longer in any situation and have no place that sells “decent” food. In my case, I always take snacks inside the backpack to take about 10 minutes at work and restore energy. As I have shown on this blog, my favorite snacks are the bars (here) and the chia pudding (can be found in this post).

In the case of bars we usually (me and my mother) make a dose (as it is in the recipe) at the weekend. Do not take too long to make, preserve easily in the refrigerator and the dose lasts all week (if they do not rob the refrigerator in the middle of the week ! :P). we usually vary the spices, seeds and no one gets enough of them. It’s something easy to carry and you can eat anywhere!


As for the chia pudding, there are two hypotheses: either I make a large bottle and I will use it as soon as I need it or make several jars (each one being a dose). Although chia pudding is super quick to prepare (which takes longer are the 6-8 hours to solidify), there is not always enough patience to remember to prepare it. So, I keep a few doses already made in the fridge (endure a few days), remaining only put the fruit or jam, for example.



Since I take lunch every day, I always have something already prepared in the fridge. Here at home there is always a pot of rice, quinoa or millet already cooked, corresponding already to 1/3 of the lunch ready! On the other hand, as we have a vegetable garden and as from time to time we pick up lettuces, arugula, chives, etc., we usually pick up a larger amount, wash well everything and store in a tightly closed box , in the refrigerator – they remain fresh and you just need to put on the lunch tupperware. Doing the math, 2/3 of lunch is ready! 🙂 May not seem like it, but there are days that it makes all the difference!

The tip that everyone knows

This is the basic tip, but it works and that’s what matters! 😛 Basically consists of making a larger amount than the supposed for a meal, ie Cooking already counting for lunch the next day! Some people are able to do weekly planning and I find that fantastic. But I’m one of those who doesn’t know what want to eat in the next 2 days. So, the most I can do is to cook double.

I hope you have enjoyed it and that you share with me your tips! You sure have some kind of food routine! We are always learning 🙂

Kiss, Sara.

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