The Six Forgotten Giants – Bike trip

One of the mandatory programs here in Copenhagen is to discover the 6 forgotten wooden giants. Have you heard of it? We went looking and it was awesome

We started doing bicycle adventures! This was our second adventure and, although more tiring, it was super beautiful to do.

A little context:

Thomas Dambo is an artist based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Together with his team, Thomas makes beautiful and fun projects with “trash”/recycled materials, which he finds throughout the city. With this, he hopes to inspire people to have fun and think about trash as a resource.

Take into account:

✔️ Altogether, we did (again) 50 km.
✔️ Not all photos are mine, I asked our friends (who also came with us) for some photos.

Giant number 6 – Teddy Friendly

We started by taking the train (where the green dot on the map is) from Nørreport to Høje Taastrup to start with giant number 6. As you can see, it is right next to a beautiful lake and we couldn’t have started with a better view!

Vallensbæk Mose pause

In our way to the giant number 5, we found a beautiful lake and a picnic area and a cafe that sold ice cream. We decided to stop here, eat and restore energy.

Giant number 4 – Little Tilde

This giant is also found in Vallensbæk Mose. This one has a little curiosity: Thomas Dambo made 28 bird houses inside the sculpture, for birds and perhaps a squirrel that seek shelter.

Surprise along the way

Between giant 4 and giant 5 we found super cute goats and we couldn’t resist going to them and giving them some love. I confess that at first we were a little afraid, since we didn’t know if the animals were used to human contact, but as you can see, love was what they wanted

Giant Number 5 – Thomas On The Mountain

One of the most tiring giants to be found (laughs). It’s right up on a mountain. We had to go up a steep slope and then go down a bit and there was Thomas. I recommend good shoes! From here, you can get a great view of Albertslund. As you can see there were quite a few people, including Portuguese!

Giant number 3 – Oscar Under The Bridge

Located in Ishøj, this giant goes easily unnoticed, since only the hand appears on the bridge. It was really hot, and a few meters ahead we stopped for a picnic, in the shade.

Giant number 2 – Hill Top Trine

This was the giant that I was most anxious to see, in Hvidovre. I really wanted to take a whole photo, with me in his hands. Did not happen. People appeared and “stole” the place from me. So I have pictures of one of the guys who took this journey with us (laughs).

Giant number 1 – Sleeping Louis

Last giant of the collection, in Rødovre. Warning! Contrary to what Google Maps says, he is not at the campsite! You can go there to ask for directions that they will help, but don’t go inside.

Do you want to know more about the giants? More info here.
I hope you liked to know a little more about this collection of hidden relics and have accompanied us on this adventure.

A kiss and see you next time!