Reusable Makeup Disks

I present you another Portuguese brand, full of beautiful biological and reusable things – Fluffy Organic & Eco. In this post I show you the make-up disks

Who is Fluffy Organic & Eco?

This brand began with the desire to use increasingly natural products for both children and the planet, leading to the world of reusable diapers (RD).

In September 2014 Fluffy Diapers was born – which was the beginning of the production of reusable diapers and handmade accessories for sale.

The material used is the fleece of hemp, which is a fabric with a fluffy side (hence the name Fluffy – fluffy in English). This material was chosen because it is very natural and super absorbent.

The brand has evolved, producing more articles, then reaching Fluffy Organic & Eco produces and markets natural, organic and organic products.

The products of this brand are handmade in Portugal, using controlled and natural fibers as possible. They also sell products from other brands, but they follow our philosophy.

We want to bet on ecological and natural products every time, promoting a healthy lifestyle for the family and for the environment!

You can also find other “friendly” babies and the environment products:

  • clothing in organic cotton;
  • reusable diapers and accessories;
  • reusable menstrual dressings;
  • textile articles in organic cotton, hemp, bamboo and wool;
  • fabrics in natural and/or biological fibers;
  • natural wood teethers;
  • personal hygiene products;
  • cleaning products;
  • others.

The order

The order came in a normal envelope. Opening it, a small pack of paper appeared, where the dismaquilating discs were. As soon as I caught them I kept my mouth open: they are the softest thing ever! First thing to do? Test the sensation on the skin of the face! It feels wonderful. Personally I do not really like the texture of the traditional cotton discs in my face. These have a wonderful touch 


As you can see from the image, each pack has 5 discs in the shape of a square, 100% biological cotton, called polar organic cotton.

Use and care

If by touching them I had already been enchanted and can’t explain you how I was when I actually used them!

To use just take a disc, put the product you use (I use the micellar water that can be found here), and pass in the area to remove the makeup. I only wear make-up in the eyes and only by passing once, it removed immense make-up. I was very surprised, I confess. Compared with traditional cotton discs, these have a much higher removal power, and are reusable! If this is not perfect, I do not know what it is

Then I pass well for water and let it dry. I use the same disc about 2/3 times and then just put it in the washing machine (up to 60º and inside those protective nets) or simply wash by hand 🙂


As you can see, I loved everything from start to finish and I have no negative points to say. The only suggestion I give is to improve the packaging, so that it is not just a normal paper bag. A person after already having seen packages so simple and creative gets high expectations ahaha.

I highly recommend it both for being a great product in itself, and for being biological and reusable. There is no longer any need to constantly make garbage to remove makeup.

Each pack of 5 discs costs € 7.

Thank you to Fluffy Organic & Eco for giving me the opportunity to try this product – I loved it! 

If interested, I leave here all the contacts and the link to the disks. A kiss!

Warning that things do not stop here! I and Daniela from Blog Dezassete are going to offer two packs of these cleansing disks! The draw is on Facebook and runs until 23:59 on April 30. Good luck! 




Reusable Makeup Disks: