Restaurant: João da Vila Velha

People from the Mafra area and who wants to eat vegetarian: please go to this restaurant. They are super nice and worried and you can eat here very well 

I created this category of restaurants and shops but unfortunately I did not have time to visit and have enough experiences to show you here!

However I have this restaurant to show you and recommend! If you are vegetarian or vegan you know how difficult it is to find a reliable place where you can eat well and cheap. Here in my area I discovered this! This restaurant is not vegetarian but if you explain and order they make great dishes! I introduce you to João da Vila Velha.

I recommend the restaurant João da Vila Velha

This restaurant, in Mafra, is already well known by people from here of the return for the quality of their dishes, mainly meat. Before I made the transition to strict vegetarian I came here to eat, so I already knew. One day, being vegan, I took a chance and could not have done better.

It is a relatively small restaurant and if you do not book a table you will only eat after a few hours (laughs). It was recently renovated and could not be nicer!

But what did you eat there anyway?

It was quite simple actually. Whenever I eat out I ask for fries (because often the rice takes butter or something with milk) and sautéed vegetables. And that’s what I asked for! When I received the dish and tasted… It was divine, had lots of different vegetables, super well seasoned and in the right amount! Mr. John (the chef) does everything with love and this is reflected in the dishes.

The first time I went there and ordered the same, they also brought me vegetables sautéed with potato chips but in a completely different way and even fig on top had (unfortunately I can not find the photo).

The dish costs € 5 and I did not leave hungry. It is more than approved! If you walk through Mafra already know, Mr. John is fantastic 🙂

I leave here the contacts of the restaurant. Also does catering and takeaway. I hope you enjoyed!

Rua Pedro Julião, 4, Mafra, Lisboa, Portugal
261 811 254