Q&A Denmark

Today’s post is a very special Q&A. Why? Because it’s about Denmark and all your questions. I tried to answer as best I could to everything! Let’s see?

How was the process of getting a house in Denmark?

I admit it was not easy at all. It takes a lot of money to rent an apartment (deposit and prepaid rent) and not being present in Denmark has become impossible. Luckily the company where C works helped and found us an apartment! Here the demand is greater than the offer and the prices are very high, even for those here.

What are your biggest difficulties in this country?

The streets look alike to me (laughs)! I’m taking a lot of time to decorate the paths for certain sites. But as I speak English, I’m not feeling any difficulty except finding a job. Oh and learn Danish! But that was expected.

What are you going to do there? Work only with the blog or get a job?

I want to be able to do both. Although the blog has been “quiet”, I will try to put an article from time to time. At the moment I am more present in Instagram, because it is easier and faster to share with you all the beauty of Denmark However I got a pseudo work but it is a very temporary thing.

What do you feel being in another country?

Most of the time I do not even remember that I’m in another country (laughs). I adapt easily to new situations as long as I have things more or less controlled. But I still feel that wonder, even if it’s because I see autumn coming and changing the whole landscape (which is so beautiful!). I love the feeling of knowing that whenever we go for a walk, we will discover something new. Knowing that there are so many different people and possibly new friends is also really exciting!

What is the greatest difficulty in living with another person at this age?

I think there is no greater difficulty. From the moment one goes to live with someone – parents, friends or boyfriend – you have to know how to talk, discuss matters, without making a scandal and without wanting to hurt the person. As long as  you help each other everything is possible Age is a very personal matter. There are people who feel ready at 18, others at 30. I think this was the perfect time for me and C.


What hurt the most emotionally with the change?

I think the fact that I know that even with calls, video calls and messages, I will always lose something important in my family. But I thought it was going to be worse. I try to always be as present as possible and I think it has worked quite well.

Is Denmark a cold country if well suffering from fibromyalgia?

This is a great question. I was afraid too. But I’m feeling better and better! It is true that it is colder here, but there is less humidity. Just wear layers of clothes, get on the bike and I’m ready and I do not even think  about Fibromyalgia. Another thing that helps a lot is that all stores and houses are heated.

How are the Danish classes going? Do you like the language?

I’m really enjoying the language! It’s a challenge, you know, but it’s similar to German (I know a few things) and there’s some English in the middle (laughs). The classes are super intensive, we learn a lot in a week and sometimes it becomes difficult to follow, but everything is possible! (I hope). Unlike some of the languages ​​that we learn, Danish requires a lot of practice, both listening and pronunciation! Fortunately, I start picking up some things when I hear people talking on the street, but I’m far from having a conversation with anyone (laughs).

Do you like lacrids, or as known as, licorice? They love it there!

I do not like it very much, but I already knew them through  Germany’s tradition! They always gave me licorice gums and I tried really harder to like it, but I can’t. But yes, they delirious here with those gums!

Are you thinking of going back to Portugal in a few years?

Yes, even because we (more he than me) have projects in Portugal. When? We do not know, let’s let it go and then we’ll see!

Have you met Portuguese people, other international immigrants, Danes? (basically new friends)

We have foreign friends, some from Danish classes and some of C’s work! As for the Portuguese, I only speak with some by messenger. Meanwhile I begin to establish relationships (maybe friendships?) with people from my work.

Are you thinking about having a pet?

We already had pets in Portugal so we would love to bring them here. The problem is that apart from the animals being able to damage a rented apartment, it is difficult whenever we want to spend a weekend or even a week away… So for now, it’s just us both

Have you ever seen the deer at the Jægersborg Dyrehave in Lyngby? You can go on the Hubertusjagt (first Sunday of November) which is a horse race – it’s so cool!

Not yet! But it’s marked on my list of places to visit! For now we are still exploring areas more closely, because, I do not know how, time goes by and sometimes it is difficult to leave the house. What is not lacking here are beautiful places to visit! 

What are the biggest differences in social life, relationships, etc?

Those who know me know that I am not the typo of  going out or meeting new people, even though I love it! So now that we have reached a new country it is normal for new relationships to begin to form. And you asked about the differences? The Danes are reliable people, they say what they have to say and they genuinely care about other people. It’s hard not to like them! They also invest more in social life, in the sense that they make an effort of taking some time to go for a walk, to meet their friends in the park, to make picnics, etc.

How’s it going to be living with your boyfriend?

It is great! Obviously it’s not like the movies, but I guess we all knew that right? For me, the best part is knowing that, regardless of how your day was, you will have a hug reserved for you at the end of the day ♡ Another good part is to stop missing so much the other person! But do not be deceived! You will still miss him, but in a different way

Thank you for all the questions! I hope you enjoyed it, kiss!