Positivity in Quarantine? It’s possible!

Now that it has been almost two months since quarantine started, it is time to make a gratitude/positivity list. Let’s go?

I already had two different phases regarding quarantine. But truth be told, not everything is bad and and I know that you can also make a list of all the positive things that have happened and for which you are grateful. Right?

I became an apartment farmer (laughs).

In addition to having decorative plants, I am now producing leeks, chives, basil, chives, apple trees and strawberries (I put them today!). Never in my life have I thought it would be so rewarding to see plants grow and to know that you are responsible for them. I notice that since quarantine started, the plants which I already had improved a lot!

We became professional cooks

Now that time is something that we have (maybe too much?), it is possible to try new recipes. Lasagna, cakes, bread, bread with sausage (vegan), tomato soup, we’ve tried a little bit of everything (laughs).

I don’t know about you, but cooking together (couple goals) is extremely positive and relaxing.

We discovered new hobbies and activities that make us feel good

When we have too much time, we tend to be bored and not very productive. Although this season is not a productivity competition, there is always something to be done. We easily start to procrastinate and if we are not careful, to depress.

With that said, I noticed that the positivity here at home has increased, especially on my side, since I discovered the practice of yoga, knowing how to take some time to see an episode of a series or to practice of physical exercise.

As for physical exercise, I warn you that I did not wake up simply wanting to suffer to stay fit (laughs). As expected, Sara gained some weight here that she shouldn’t have won and it’s time to calm it down. So, I started running again and on days when I don’t feel like it or the weather outside doesn’t allow me, I do some leg exercises.

I discovered (again) how relaxing it is to paint. I ordered a big set of coloring pencils (a dream) and I have been painting the cover of a notebook that I have around here.

Time to dedicate ourselves to things that we couldn’t do before

With my boyfriend working from home, we end up spending more time together and having a lot more quality time: we watch movies, series, play together, etc.

Another thing that you know I love to do is to photograph and do small photo shoots. It’s not that I know much about it, but I love going to Pinterest, be inspired by some photos and trying to reproduce them. I am going to leave here some photos from two sessions that I have done. Don’t forget to go to my Instagram and see what I’m putting there

Here is my list of positivity/gratitude. I’m super curious to see yours! Write yours here in the comments to share positive ideas with each other

Hold on to the good things that we will get this through.

A kiss,

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