Portugal vs Denmark

Whether we like it or not, we spend our lives making comparisons and measuring the pros and cons of everything. Here is my balance between my two houses: Portugal and Denmark

1- Mobility

Unlike Portugal, here is quite flat, which allows practically the whole population to ride a bicycle to everywhere. By what they say every inhabitant has more than two bikes on average. Personally, I think it’s fantastic to feel the freedom that you can get to go shopping, go to work, go to school or even walk around without having to catch a bus, without having the typical traffic that you have with a car. On the other hand, there is also the advantage of exercising (which helped me a lot, I never thought I could do so much kilometers – take it Fibromyalgia!) and to not pollute the environment. Perfect is not it? 

As you can see from the pictures everything is so organized and peaceful. There are traffic lights for cars, for people and for bicycles. At intersections, there are waiting places for when you are riding a bike and you want to go to another direction. At first it’s a bit scary, I’ll admit (laughs). I’ve never ridden my bike on the road and suddenly I see myself in the “middle” of traffic. But in a short time everything flows and everything is so easy.

P.S. I still have not seen any STOP sign, only traffic lights!

2- Trash

Although Copenhagen is a busy city, especially in tourist areas such as Nyhavn, the streets are clean. Of course I’ve seen people inside their cars throwing their cigarettes down, but compared to Portugal, there’s a lot more respect for the environment here 

Nyhavn, Copenhagen

3- Language

I do not even know how to start (laughs). It has similarities with German and English and at the same time has no similarities with anything! It is a very difficult language to speak, the inhabitants themselves say that even with the course, only living a few years here is that you can get (minimally) closer to a correct and well spoken Danish. Compared with Portugal, no doubt that the Portuguese language is easier, more open and very pronounced. But it is also known that the Portuguese are good at learning languages, are not they? So I still have not given up hope that one day I will be able to speak (a correct) Danish

4- Day-to-day (people and clothing)

This was one of the first things I noticed and what I liked the most. I’ve always been a simple person at the clothing level. I like the comfortable and basic, while being beautiful. Here is exactly the same. The Danes would dress in a comfortable, simple way, not caring about what others might think. As you may have already heard, here Hygge is practiced, that is, creating a warm and cozy atmosphere and knowing how to enjoy the little things in life that we like the most. Danes are just the same. As I mentioned earlier here, people help each other and are extremely friendly. Just go outside to see people with a smile on their faces, a beanie, gloves and layers of clothing, riding their bikes, exploring and enjoying street food in Copenhagen. Is there anything else hyggelig?

6- Thinking of others (supermarket)

This was an aspect that I needed some time to internalize and that led to many looks of displeasure (laughs). Apparently, when we finish putting the products on the supermarket carpet we should put the separator to the next customer. I took several shopping trips to realize that this little gesture is like a rule!

I hope you enjoyed! Until next post

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