My pantry: Before and After

You asked I did: my pantry before and after following a 100% vegetable, sugar free and gluten free food. I hope you like it 

It may not seem like it, but by following a 100% diet of plant origin, without added sugars and gluten-free a lot of things change. Really. Due to my life friend, Fibromyalgia, I completely changed my diet. For those who do not know, my illness and symptoms are controlled through food, that is, I do not take any medication.

Attention I have not invented anything and I am not doing things without knowledge. I am followed by a naturopath who also has expertise in Quantum Medicine and that is where everything has changed. If you want to know a little more, you can go here.

So I think it will be interesting to see one before and after. Attention that any brand mentioned is because it is the one I use and trust, I am not being paid 🙂



Let’s start with milk. I am lactose intolerant so I drank cow’s milk without lactose or soy milk. The same with the yogurts.

As for juices, I liked Compal very much.

I rarely drank water, because it was rare to feel thirsty and when I felt I drank my glass of water that was worth all day. I love drinking sparkling water, especially Água das Pedras. This one drank more than normal (anyway, we all make mistakes, right?).


Given that I became vegan and that I can not consume soy (except in the form of tofu), I started to drink rice drink. There are several, but this is the most neutral. Be aware that many vegetable drinks contain added sugar, read the labels that everything is there.

I stopped using yogurts because I have not yet found any that were not of soy and that I like them. As an alternative from time to time I make the chia pudding that you can find here.

Although there are still natural juices with no added sugars, I have started drinking homemade smoothies that are much healthier and nutritionally richer.

As for water (which is part of the treatment) I drink/try to drink 1.5 liters of alkaline water, there has to be always in my pantry. I had to reduce the water with gas because they are naturally more acidic which does not help me at all.

Breads and snacks


I love bread, whether white or those very dark with seeds. I also consumed too much cereals (with sugar and gluten), biscuits and jams to put on bread (again with sugar). Obviously I also put butter (without lactose) on the toast.


I continue to love bread (ahaha) but I have two great options: either I make my gluten-free bread or buy a LIDL flour also gluten-free (a must on the pantry shelf for when there is not time). To put on bread now I use or unsweetened pastry (from Pingo Doce or St. Dalfour) or olive oil with oregano and garlic.

As cereals I use cornflakes (gluten free and no added sugar), oat flakes (gluten-free), tufted rice or millet. 

As snacks I started to make them (banana and oatmeal bars and apple and carrot cookies) or to buy some LIDL bars that are vegan and gluten free and with a good dose of protein and calories.

There are vegan “butters”, however most have palm oil… As for the vegan cheeses I use (because it is what there is) the Vegan Deli.



I used to eat more fish dishes than meat. I always had soup (at dinner) before the main course. The dish was always full of colors and the meat or fish dose was the recommended (I never had the stomach to go to a ahaha carvery).


What made me even more difficult was the question of gluten. I started to use rice or corn pasta, corn couscous instead of the normal ones with wheat. I began to increase the dose of vegetables, to add seeds like flaxseed, sesame and pumpkin and to eat more legumes and mushrooms. I began to use more condiments, our palate began to be able to taste more flavors since the transition. Just tofu from time to time (at most twice a week).

It is rare to buy pre-made food, first because I avoid it and second because it is difficult to find something vegan and gluten-free: for some reason companies think that people can not follow the two types of food.

Oh and the soup obviously!

As you can see a lot has changed, but easily a person adapts and I regret nothing to have made these changes in my food.

Food is the best medicine and prevention. Prefer the pantry to the pharmacy ♡

As I usually say: peel more and unpack less!

I hope you enjoyed! If you have any questions or suggestions, say! ♡ Kiss *