My boyfriend is not vegan – Q&A

This is an issue that for some is impossible to happen and for others, with respect, it is completely possible. I’ve put together several questions you’ve asked to, once and for all, say that it is possible for a vegan and an omnivore to be happy together as long as there is respect!

Do you cook for him?

We don’t live together (yet!), but yes, I’ve cooked for him and he loved it!

Do you feel comfortable to cook meat for him or do you “force” him to eat vegan?

No, here at home (still living with my parents) does not enter meat and  (very) rarely enters fish. Everyone who comes here knows perfectly well that the meal will be vegan. It would not make sense for me to buy and promote the death of animals to my house 🙂


Do you imply with each other when you are going to dine out? Have you ever thought about living together one day, what will it be like?

We do not. What happens is that I often remember him what this does to health or reminds him that he could opt for x. But he can eat whatever he wants, of course.

When we live together I will not buy or cook animals. If he misses a plate with animal, he will buy and cook himself. He agreed 🙂

Do you have little “fights” about food?

It’s really just me who has ahaha. Often to remind him the mess he is doing (regarding health). But he already knows everything there is to know and fortunately, he knows how to make good choices, so it is peaceful.

Have you ever had a “relapse”, looks at what he is eating and ask for a little?

No. Over time, you stop looking to a steak (for example) as food and start to see a piece of a dead animal. Not wanting to offend anyone, whenever I pass in the area of the butcher two things happen: disgust and desire to cry. Therefore, from the moment I know if a certain food has contributed to the suffering of a being who has not had any choice, there is no option to eat that food. 

No doubt there is respect in your relationship, but do you usually play with the subject?

Of course, you have to know how to play with the situation. I play with him as much as he plays with me. But it’s all very relaxed and peaceful, what matters is sharing knowledge and knowing how exactly reality is. Then each one decides what makes more sense to do.


How was it for him your food reeducation?

My food re-education has started to control an autoimmune disease that I have – Fibromyalgia. He accompanied me at the peake of the disease and saw (quite surprised) how I was gaining quality of life and most of the time I do not even remember what I have. So he always supported it. Of course I did not become vegan soon, it was a gradual process and he always understood  my reasons even if he is not vegan. He respects it. 

What led you to be vegan?

As I said in the previous answer, my food reeducation began in order to control Fibromyalgia. Initially I stopped eating meat, dairy (because I was already lactose intolerant) and gluten. The problem is that the more a person is informed, the more things are known, so I stopped eating fish, molluscs and any other type of animal and finally the egg (even if I had the opportunity to consume biological ones). Therefore, I began to gain quality of life and then by the environment and the animals, which are the ones that suffer most in the middle of it all. 


Why is not your boyfriend vegan? What does he think about that?

Although he realizes all my arguments, and agrees with most of them, he has not cut with certain food at all. He greatly reduces certain foods, such as dairy and meat. No, he’s not vegan, but that does not mean he does not care about animals and the environment, on the contrary, he tries to do everything possible to help in whatever he can 🙂

Did you ever try to convert him?

Yes, of course. A vegan starter has that will to change the environment, because it is important to take care of the only planet that we have, because the animals suffer in a way that many do not know, oh well. But then we realize that we can only give information, that an action has to come from people, it has to be something that is really wanted, otherwise it becomes a trens that will not last for a long time.

What eating habits did you change in your boyfriend’s diet?

I managed to reduce meat, dairy products and sugar. The eggs that he consumes are biological (from his house), the protein he consumes in shakes is plantbased and milk as well. He also discovered the vegan cheeses and loved it!

Do you insist on explaining why you chose certain types of food and how healthy it can be and know each other’s opinion?

Yes! This is one of the most important things a vegan has/can do: inform, explain why, what options exist, which are the healthiest for both us and the planet. Most of the time he agrees and wants to know more about it, others, such as meat, for example, consider that we can only reduce and that this will already have a lot of impact (which is true).

When did you become vegan, was there any food/dish that cost you not to eat? Is there any vegan dish that your boyfriend enjoys eating?

Some, yes! I have a huge nostalgia for eating patties and I still can not figure out any (decent) recipe for gluten-free patties! I do not miss a specific dish with animals, I miss being able to eat something similar, for example, a pizza well stuffed with cheese (vegan), just like the ones in the mall! Any dish is possible to veganize, you must try it!

All the dishes we made here at home he liked, except a few desserts! He tries everything and he is quite easy to please ahaha.

How are you going to raise your children? (If you’re going to have children) How does his family react to family dinners/lunches?

This is one of the most difficult. We’ve been talking and we’ve reached an agreement. In the early times obviously that I will not give “him” anything I know it will hurt like dairy and sugar (they are the worst poison). As “he” grows up we explain things and “he” decides what “he” wants to do with that information, that is, at home “he” eats what we serve and when “he” goes out with his friends or goes to a birthday party, “he” makes his choices. I think this is the fairer choice for both sides.

Regarding his family it was all very peaceful because they know that it was mostly (in the beginning) because of my disease. Whenever I go there they make sure to make a recipe from my blog for me to eat 🙂 And they love these kind of dishes!