MUSA Natural Cosmetics: Soaps

Hello everyone! I bring another review of a bath soap and of a hands soap, of a spectacular Portuguese brand. I’m sorry that you can not smell 

Who’s MUSA?

Let’s start by knowing a little about this brand! MUSA is a brand that produces soaps and natural cosmetics. The products are handcrafted with raw materials of natural and conscious origin. They have a range of products for the body, the face and the lips. There are no chemicals in here!

For this brand, nature is like a muse (MUSA in portuguese), since it is in nature that they get all the ingredients, aromas, textures …, with the slogan: Inspires Beauty.

The products are made by people, without industrial resources, full of love and affection. You can find in this brand vegan products!

I got in touch with MUSA as soon as I heard about it, and they, super nice, gave me a try on body and hand soap! Thank you very much MUSA


The two soaps came in an envelope, super well protected with bubble wrap. But it’s not only this! The envelope had a super sweet sticker.


Opening the envelope, two beautiful boxes and two cards appear. As you can see the packages are super beautiful, made, as they say, full of love! I loved MUSA, congratulations! The large box is the soap for the bath and the small box is a sample of the hand soap. As you can see in the second picture, the boxes have the symbol of cruelty free 🙂



Opening the larger box, there is a soap (smells great!) wrapped in paper (with the golden slogan) with a beautiful sticker with their slogan! They really think in every detail!


The soaps


Speaking now on the soaps itself I received as soap for the bath one of cacao and peppermint – Chocolate and Mint. You have no idea what a wonderful smell this soap has! It is like the After Eight chocolate 😀 This soap is super moisturizing and promotes the stability of the skin’s oxidation.

As you can see from the photographs, apart from the green and brown color, the soap has a golden glow, both on top and on the side, so beautiful! 🙂

Result: it makes a super soft foam! After the bath, my skin was smooth, really moisturized and smelling super good. But attention! The smell on the skin was not peppermint. I had a soft, sweet smell that I could not identify 🙂 I was not disappointed! I love that the soap has an intense smell, but a pleasant smell on the skin.



Regarding the hand soap sample I received, it has 3 colors: yellow, red-brown and brown – Vintage Doc. Like the other soap, this one also has gold glitter 🙂 Smells wonderful and I bet you do not guess what this soap has: Port Wine! 🙂 Port Wine has anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial and anti-oxidant properties! 🙂

Like the other one, I loved the power of washing and moisturizing! I recommend! The smell on the hands was also sweet and pleasant 🙂




As you can guess I am very much in love with this brand that excels at the quality and the appearence of its products! Another bonus is that this brand is Portuguese and has vegan products! May they continue to grow! 🙂 These products made the skin smooth, looking more hydrated and with a pleasant smell, I loved it!

If you are interested in obtaining a product or receiving more information:


MUSA Natural Cosmetics


[email protected]

+351 968787442

I hope you enjoyed! If you know more vegan brands and would like to see the review tell me in the comments! Kiss*