Mini-vacation: food and difficulties

A short time ago I spent a weekend away and of course the biggest problem was always the food. I asked on Instagram if you had interest in a post saying how did it go and you said yes! 

The beggining

To put yourself in context, I went to Marvão area. It’s beautiful and although I’ve already been there, it’s never too much to visit this area. We leave the house on a Friday morning to enjoy the day. So where did you have lunch Sara? – you ask. Easy! In the best restaurant that Portugal has: Nature

We did the day before a vegan and gluten free quiche to take and have a picnic. Of course we took more things like fruit and salad. So there are no dramas about food, place to sit and noise (laughs).


Is it not better than restaurant? For the trip we had a suitcase full of snacks such as rice tortillas, dehydrated fruit, our cereal bars, etc.

Home Meals

There is no better solution than renting a house! So we are at ease with schedules and with food. As soon as we got to our rented house we began to unload all the food we brought with us (to avoid going shopping) and preparing a snack: vegan butter, unsweetened sweets, tea, coffee and the famous gluten-free bread.


In addition to the food we brought, we also remembered to make soup and freeze it (the day before) to thaw along the way. It tastes so good to have soup made at night For dinner we decided to make corn pasta with tomato paste, rice cream, mushrooms and herbs. It was so good and it is so easy to do.



The next day we researched and asked about vegan and gluten-free restaurants. It’s not easy. Sometimes a pizza was still available, but we still had the gluten problem. We decided to come home and have lunch.

The menu was: fries in the oven, vegan mayonnaise and sautéed vegetables (spinach, red beans, garlic, onion, courgette and leek).


After a lot of walking and exploring and not wanting to take leftovers to return home, dinner turned out to be the same as lunch, with soup, of course

The return

The biggest problem comes now. We already missed eating out and risked. I called a place, asked if they had sautéed vegetables and chips and they assured me they would. I felt hope! We got to the restaurant and ordered the sautéed vegetables. As soon as I received my dish I felt the greatest regret of having tried to eat out in the Alentejo.

Actually the vegetables were sautéed (in too much oil) and were not even thawed. Basically they picked up a packet of frozen vegetables and put them in a frying pan. Result unflavored vegetables and swimming in fat. I got out of there unhappy and sorry for having convinced my parents to try eating out.


And that’s our weekend was! I hope you enjoyed it, obviously we were not going to make any gourmet menu, but it can always help to give you ideas!