Little things that make me happy

Happiness is a very abstract concept. In my point of view no one is 100% happy, there are small moments and actions that makes us fulfilled. I leave here my small moments that allow me to smile and feel good.

Although I am only 23 years old, there are things that we learn over the years and being happy is one of them. It took me a few years to realize that small moments and actions should be appreciated more value and that these are the ones that make us happy.

Appreciate the little moments

I leave here a list of my little moments of happiness. I hope you like it and share with me your

1- A hug

A hug is a mixture of emotions: feeling of protection, of love, of comfort and belonging. It can last only seconds, but it can leave a feeling of well-being for hours. I’m definitely a hug person 

2- To make someone happy

Often part of my happiness depends on the mood of others (is it good?). I have the instinctive tendency to be to others as I would like them to be for me. There is no better feeling than knowing that we helped someone, just by being ourselves.

3- Get in a bed with fresh sheets

I love getting into a bed with sheets smelling super good, still very stretched and fresh. Ah! There is no better feeling!

4- Organize everything

There are those days when we have a huge desire to clear up and organize something. Enjoy these days! Arrange the drawers in your closet, tidy up the drawer (full of pens) of your desk… While we organize something at home, we are also organizing our head. In the end, we feel light, productive and with the feeling of work done.

5- Take 1 hour for yourself

Sometimes it is necessary to detach ourselves from the world and think only about ourselves. Take a bath, pass a body scrub, moisturize the hair, make a face mask, arrange the eyebrows and nails, put a good body cream. You’ll feel good, light, cared for and happy.