Is it hard to be a vegetarian?

Many wonder, some out of curiosity, others because they are considering their transition, if it is hard to be a vegetarian. In this post I’m going to write how it was to me and what I think in general how difficult (or not) it is to become or be a vegetarian ?

The thing I find most important, regardless of the decision, is the reason that leads to that decision. In the case of a person becoming a vegetarian there are two major factors: health and animal cruelty.

I admit that, although I have always admired anyone who was a vegetarian, my factor was health. As already explained (see about me), it was really very bad due to the advancement (and lack of control) of fibromyalgia. I started by eating only fish and molluscs (this phase lasted a year) and finally, I stopped consuming animals and dairy products. I continued to consume eggs (which are biological and from happy chickens from my grandparents) until I finally became a strict vegetarian and vegan (still learning) ?

As for the transition process, was it difficult? No. Usually we need a click, something that makes us open our eyes. In my case (and for a lot of people) were documentaries like Cowspiracy, Before the Flood and Food Choices. To be honest, I can’t see one of these documentaries without getting sick and crying (or almost!). It was difficult for me to know that certain things happened to eat, regardless of the animal product, and don’t feel at all bad. If this is not essential, if there are other options, why continue with this? Why support these industries? And if you don’t want to talk about animal suffering, we are all minimally informed of the amount of resources (water, land, food) that are needed for you to eat a steak. We all know that this will end badly, not for us, but for those who stay, for  the future generations.

So from the moment you know things, it was quite easy for me to click and look at things differently. I no longer have any desire to eat whatever animal it is. If it is like this for all? No. There are people who have not yet processed the information that exists or who even refuse to think about it. No judging! It takes courage and willpower to make a change like this. It also takes patience to learn a lot of new things, to research the information needed to make a healthy diet. But you know? Compensates in every way. Life is valued in general, we feel lighter, more energetic, there are wonderful and flavorful foods that replace (and some even exceed the nutritional capacities of the famous meat) and learn to value the taste and the simplicity of what Nature gives us: no plastics, no sauces, no processed food/ingredients. Nature knows what it does, believe me ?

Do not rush, it is better to take small steps at a time than doing nothing at all.

I hope you have enjoyed it, anything you want to say, just contact me via facebook page, through instagram or through the blog ?

Kiss, Sara.