Interview: Veg’aerial

Were you already missing interviews? I have! 😀 Here’s the first interview with a Vegan! It’s Anna Santos from Veg’aerial. blog. It’s super sweet, super inspiring and with very special answers 🙂

Anna, tell us about your transition! Did you start out as a vegetarian or did you transition to vegan soon?

Dear Sara, first of all I want to thank you, and to tell you how much I love your blog, I always follow and you have everything to be very successful ?

Well, my transition started in 2016. It was not sudden, and it started to be just a transition to vegetarianism. I chose to leave the foods that I liked the most, dairy products, and I have to tell you that it was very easy! Over time, all research has inevitably led to everything behind the animal industry, and I have not been able to continue to ignore it. The transition was swift, and fantastic.

Being vegan, it isn’t just not to eat animals and derivatives. What is the biggest difficulty you find in being vegan?

I think the biggest difficulty will always be “the others”. It’s the fact that we try to be vegan in a non-vegan world. It was not and will never be something that will make me change my mind – making the transition to veganism was the best thing I did. But, thinking in general, this will always be the greatest difficulty. And what will make someone who wants to make the transition, may be a little reticent.


It is very difficult to be 100% vegan. What non-vegan products do you still use? What do you think are the hardest to find?

When I made the transition, I did not throw anything away. That is, products that would not be appropriate to vegan. As for clothes, I have never practically used anything that came from an animal – skins, wool. I keep my footwear which, although I know it is not 100% vegan, does not use animal materials in its constitution (they are not fur, nor other material coming from animals) except probably in the glue. It was the same with the products I used. Already started using more natural products. So you see, the change I had to make was not very drastic. I was careful not to buy anything that was not cruelty free.

Answering your last question, I do not think these products are hard to find. I think that products that are certified are absurdly expensive. This may prevent anyone from wanting to buy them. But there are huge brands that are accessible to almost everyone – just look for natural and organic products, or learn to read labels (almost mandatory for us :p)

Psychologically, what did veganism offer you?

Since I’m vegan, I feel like I’ve changed. I feel much happier, every day. I feel great peace with myself and with others. I also feel that I was much more sensitive. But I feel, deep down, that the person I am now is the person I always wanted to be. It has brought me so much good for my life, I think that only those who try it out who understands the wonderful experience that is to be vegan.

Were you able to convert someone? Do they support you?

I tried ehe. In my opinion, I think the only way to convert someone is by showing them the benefits that veganism brings to our lives. It’s no use doing it aggressively. I like to talk about this to everyone, as long as they want it. I know I’ve changed a lot of people’s thinking, and I’m proud of it. I think slowly, we will end up making a difference in people.


Do you miss any non vegan food? If so, which one?

I can not find one, honestly. I do not miss anything in particular because I was able to find vegan options for everything I liked before. I miss being able to go to a café and order a coffee with vegetable drink and have it. In the city where I live, unfortunately, the choices in terms of cafes or even restaurants with 100% vegetarian options, are very scarce.

In which store(s) do you usually find the products you usually use?

I do not use any “special” stores. I go to supermarkets when I want to buy tofu or vegetable drinks. It’s not something I eat every day, I eat more naturally. I go to Jumbo a lot for this. The Celeiro store, I love it too. I do not have it here in the city where I live, but whenever I can, I go there to stock up. I also use the municipal market very much. But the time is coming when the yard will start giving vegetables and fruit, and at that point it is rare to buy anything.

What message would you like to leave to those who are reading this interview?

Try it. Take a chance. For the environment, for animals, but fundamentally for us. We should be the priority, our well-being. Try not to eat any animal derivatives for just a week, and they will feel fantastic changes. But more important than this – Respect. Everyone has the right to make their choices. Being vegan is prioritizing all beings that inhabit the planet, including the planet. How can you think this is wrong?


Thank you!

Thank you, sweet Sara ?