Interview: Uma no Cravo

Hello everyone! I know I always say this, but this time it’s a different interview! Do you know why? Because the person in question is not a vegetarian! I think it’s interesting to see the point of view on both sides so I interviewed Judite of the One in the Uma no Cravo.

I am very happy with this interview! It shows a different point of view and brings more diversity here to our Interviews. If you would like to be interviewed or know someone interesting tell me! Now get the popcorn and let’s go to the interview!

I know you’re not a vegetarian, but what do you think of us?

I think they are more aware people! Both health and environmental issues. And I also think they are brave people, especially those who have been for many years – my older sister has been a vegetarian for over 20 years and at the time there were no options for her in “normal” supermarkets (she ate eggs to replace meat and the fish and from time to time bought soy in the herbal store).

I know several vegetarians and three vegans. The conversations I have with them on the subject are based on good advice for my health and interesting sharing of what led them to this lifestyle change. Everyone warns me about what is going on in the world but they never judge me by closing my eyes to these things. We even joked about it – a friend of mine once offered me a t-shirt with a little pig to say “Bacon had a Mum.”

And the best of it all is that whenever I eat with them I’m entitled to delicious meals.

What causes you not to put the option of being vegetarian?

Look, Sara, I do not know what to tell you… There’s no answer to this question that makes me proud. I will have to justify with two mortal sins: Laziness and Gluttony. Sloth to change 100% my eating habits and Gluttony with regard to certain foods.

Imagine you would transition to vegetarian. What do you think would be the biggest difficulties you would have?

It depends on the level of change. That is: leaving only the meat and the fish I think it would be easier (there are lots of alternatives here in Zurich – what would cost me more was to stop eating Sushi). But adopting a Vegan diet was even tricky. Then my cheese… I had to relearn to eat. My friends Vegan already told me that there are many foods that have products of animal origin and we have no idea!

Do you eat everything, or are there any foods you avoid? If so, which ones and why?

I think the only thing I cut (to the point of being asked at home and not having) was sugar. Of course the sugar is everywhere, I say the sugar that I put in things – in the coffee, in the desserts, etc. But this is so expendable that neither should count as a food 😛
I’m also in the middle of switching from substituting vegetable drinks (trying to figure out what I like best) and plain yogurt from soy yogurts.

Of course, awareness also commands attention to fried foods and fats, but this is not about food but about the way we prepare it. After all being Vegetarian and being healthy are different things.

I eat everything. But it is not because I am not vegetarian that I have to put meat or fish at all meals. On the contrary! I love to cook with Tofu and in my house there are always vegetarian sausages and burgers.


If you became vegetarian would it be based on the environment, animal cruelty or health? Why?

All! But to choose only one health choice. I’ve seen several documentaries on the subject and it’s scary. And I think that with regard to the environment and animal cruelty, even without being vegetarian, we can (and should) help to end it so badly – just change some habits and choose the best places where we buy certain products.

What message would you like to leave to non-vegetarians and vegetarians?

That we should think of our well-being without forgetting the well-being of the other. Above all, we must act with awareness.

Vegetarians should be proud of their changes and the way they care for themselves and the environment around them. And thank you for sharing your “Whys” with us and making us mouthwatering with your delicious dishes (is not that Sara?).

To non-vegetarians I can only ask you to know. Do not stick around for “Here the normal thing is to eat meat, it has always been like that”. Listen, see and read! There is no shortage of information on animal cruelty, on the ecological footprint and on the harm to our health. So that from now on they make better choices, not even little ones (step by step) for the good of all ?

Thank you!

Thank you my dear! Continue with this excellent work