Interview: Maria do Mar

Hello everyone! Here is the second interview! I present you Tânia Lopes from the blog A Maria do Mar! This time we have a woman with a mega smile and full of style (see her Instagram!). As in the previous interview, this vegetarian will answer me a few questions! 🙂

How long have you been vegetarian and what is your diet based on?

I’ve been a vegetarian for a short time, 3/4 months. But I have not eaten meat for over a year. As far as my food is concerned, it relies heavily on vegetables, legumes, vegetable milks, fruit, and some supplements. I also consume seitan, tofu and soy (rarely).

Why did you become a vegetarian? Did they support you?

I became a vegetarian for 3 reasons: for animals, for my health and mother nature. However, it was not a quick transition, I stopped eating pork 5 years ago and my family did not see it with very good eyes. Still, I continued to reduce the consumption of animals little by little until I became a vegetarian. However, I did not have much support, in fact they still look at me as if I were an E.T eating (laughs) but over time they go there.

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When you become a vegetarian, what differences did you feel on a psychological level? Did you see the world differently?

I am relieved and proud that I have stopped compacting myself with this industry and seeing society with different eyes. However, I always try to talk about some subjects in a peaceful way to “open” the eyes of people around me (so far without great effect).

Was the transition difficult for you? Do you still consume foods that you would like to stop consuming?

In some aspects yes. At first it was difficult to deal with the scent of the food I ate all my life, but then I remembered everything I saw in documentaries, photos, testimonies and it gave me strength to “resist.” However, I am a ovolacto and still consume products of animal origin, more specifically: cheese and eggs (homemade). However, I would love to be able to stop consuming these two foods but, it is extremely difficult for me, at this moment, who knows someday.

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Have you ever felt like eating something non-vegetarian? If yes, what?

At first I was much more willing than I am nowadays. But what made me want to eat was: bread with chorizo ​​just come out of the wood oven, sausages and sushi.

What’s your favorite dish?

Hard question … maybe vegetable or soy lasagne.

What is the biggest difficulty you have when cooking vegetarian dishes?

I do not feel much difficulty. In fact, I cook the same way, I only shoot the meat and fish and substitute for another type of food. Nowadays, it is super easy to access vegetarian recipes and with the amount of groups that exist on facebook with sharing experiences and recipes, it has become even easier to entice others to try my food.

Finally, what message would you like to leave about vegetarianism?

Society is changing, mentalities are more open and, little by little the vegetarian community is increasing. However, I always advise the transition according to the needs of your body, not all people can leave everything at once, what matters is to get for you, the animals and the house where we all live: planet earth.

Thank you!

Thank you, Sara.

A kiss,

A Maria do Mar