Interview: Dezassete

Another interview and not least! She’s a strict vegetarian mother and her little one too! Do you know who that is? It’s Daniela Santos from Dezassete blog. If you do not know her, go visit her blog. There you can find topics such as: fashion, beauty, maternity and even outbursts of those who are not ashamed to show reality.

First of all, I want to thank Sarinha for this interview, this moment of fame on her blog (it’s not every day, okay?) (Laughs) I’ve loved to follow her path and feel pride and happiness. Semi-made introduction attempt, let’s go to the questions.

Have you been a vegetarian for how long and how has your transition process been?

I became a vegetarian three years ago, under the influence of my sister who was longer than I was. My transition was very radical, because I think, “It’s either now or never.” So I left everything that was of origin and animal and honestly never felt better.

What is the biggest difficulty you have, being a strict vegetarian?

I do not know if I consider this a difficulty, but having chickens here at home is difficult to understand that it costs me to consume eggs, even if they are homemade.

Another difficulty I feel is to understand the intelligence of certain people. Ask me if I want a tuna or bacon salad, why ???? (laughs)

I know your baby is a vegetarian, too. How was the introduction of new foods? Are you based on books or are you accompanied by a specialist?

I think the food introduction was spectacular! He is always ready to eat and so far we have not noticed any food he does not like. For the time being I accompany the book by Gabriel Oliveira, where in the beginning everything has been explained in a different way. It even tells you when to introduce food. If you later need it, I’ll go to a nutritionist who understands vegetarian stuff (laughs).


What is the reaction of people to the fact that your baby is a vegetarian?

It was already well known that with two vegetarian parents the small one would be too. That’s why the face they do with us they also do with him. There was only one comment that left me speechless, it was like: “ah, but you should not force your son to have this food.” Logic, where are you? (laughs)

What is the reaction of the doctors when they know that you do not give them animal protein?

We are only followed by the family doctor and honestly that man is a spectacle! I do not change it for nothing. He followed my pregnancy and I never had problems, so it happens with the little one. We have gone to the routine appointments and see that Tuquinha is well, so there are no negative comments to make.

What care should be taken with young children following a vegetarian diet?

I will be very sincere in this question, because the kind of food I make to Tuquinha will not be the same as what other parents do with their children. As he did a year already eats the same as us, other than processed and sugars. But as we always have that attention of “conjugating” the foods and we do not put much salt, in my eyes (and with mother consciousness) I feel that I am doing well.

What message would you like to give to future moms or moms who have small children and that would like to make the transition to vegetarianism?

The main message I want to give to all moms even though they’re veggie or not is that we’re together! Regardless of everything we are here for each other, but especially we must not forget that we are important too!

If mothers are already vegetarian or vegan, keep up the good work you are doing (laughs). If you are still thinking about making this transition, the first thing you should do is look for information. It costs nothing, is not a bug and an informed person is worth a lot. Children like vegetables if we parents also eat. I believe that Sara and I are available to help, just as there are so many vegetarian groups helping each other.

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