I’m vegan and survived a wedding

I was invited to a wedding and the terror settled in my head: What am I going to eat? Should I bring food with me? Luckily everything went well and I am going tell you how I “survived” this challenge 

Taking into account that I have been vegan for only 1 year, this was the first time I was invited to a big party, being vegan. Even better, it turned out on my birthday, so I really wanted it to go well.

I admit I was quite afraid. First of all, I did not want to offend anyone by bringing food with me. Second:  I hate being the center of attention.

When we received the wedding invitation we alerted the bride and groom that they would need 4 100% vegetarian and gluten-free meals. The bride and groom, fortunately, were very receptive and said they were going to speak to the chef. Did this calm me down? Not even a bit.

I did not feel comfortable with this wedding (party)

Do not get me wrong, but who is vegan or even vegetarian, certainly has already been “cheated” with some food, or because of ignorance of the responsible people or because, according to them, “once does not hurt, right?”. I had a huge fear of getting there and being served with ovo-lacto-vegetarian meals. We decided that we were going to take food from home, just in case. We took tofu sandwiches in gluten free bread.

I took food from home.

The big day came and I admit that I was super nervous. I did not want to cause problems or dramas to anyone. But I could not be more wrong. From the reception until the end of the party I was served with great care, with very careful employees, who were asking if I wanted more, if it was good, and taking all possible and imaginable doubts.

I am going to show you my 100% vegetarian and gluten-free menu, which I said already, it was delicious  Hope you like it

The food was delicious, they were all super nice and could not have gone better!

I hope you enjoyed it, kiss *