I’m going to emigrate, what about now?

As several people asked me, I’ll tell you a little bit about how and why this opportunity to emigrate happened and, of course, to talk a little with you

I’ve always been a person who likes to do new things, break the monotony, experience something different. I moved from school because I was already tired of the one I attended, I studied in the Algarve, even though I was away from everything and everyone. And so far, I do not regret anything. Does it cost? Oh it costs. But these experiences are worth it.

It has always been customary to have non-Portuguese cultural influences since I was born in Germany and have family there. All this to say what? (you ask). I just wanted to show that I really like different things, things are not X because they have to be X, to mix customs and do something of mine.

The idea of ​​emigrating was always there, but not courage.

See new places, new people, new customs. It’s so tempting! But would I go alone? Do what? What about my family? There were too many cons at the time. Not now. Now the opportunity has come and I will seize it. It’s time.

C (my man) received a very interesting proposal, out. It was a shock at the time. No one is waiting to hear this. I thought “will this be now?”. After some time we decided that it was good for both of us: he would have new experiences in his area, he would have better conditions, I would (finally) live new experiences and, last but not least, we would live together.

We are going to live together

Emigrating to many may mean running away, leaving your country as if it were nothing to you. For me it means liking me enough to allow me new experiences as long as I have time and conditions for this. We can not leave things for later. Portugal will not stop being my country, but there is so much to see, why always stay in the same place?

If it will cost It’s going to hurt a lot (laughs). Just imagining the situation I’ve already cried a lot, even wanting this change. I do not cry out of fear, because I’m well accompanied and I’ve been doing well. I cry for what I’m going to lose, for what I’m not going to get from the family. But I have to think about what I’m going to gain and have the courage, because I know, that in the end, it will make up for it.

Have to think about what I’m going to win.

I have read for some time that the fear we have of the future is not from the unknown, but rather from the past. I think that’s true. But if we learn from the past, the future has everything to go well, does not it?

Having said this yesterday to a week we will start a new adventure. Both.

Would you like me to talk about the whole process of emigrating? If so, comment I will show you small things by Instagram and Facebook, also accompany me there.

A big kiss*