I need time – Pause in blog

I need time, it’s true. It does not mean I’m done with the blog, I just need a break. I hope you understand! 

I’m not sure where to start and how to explain. I’ll try. Do you know when you come to a time in your life that you want to do everything (and well done) and then you do not know where to turn? Yeah, it happened to me. The brain begins to short circuit, we get stressed, everything starts to run out of control and then we just want to go to a corner and cry in a fetal position (laughs).

Those who know me know that I am a little (kidding, a lot) nervous person. I suffer in anticipation, I tend to plan everything (even what can not be planned) and then if something does not go as planned comes disappointment, frustration and sometimes disorientation. But I’m getting better!

I’m a little (very) nervous

It was at a time when the blog was growing, things were going well (thanks to you ), when, suddenly, my life changed: I’m going to move to another country. Attention is not a bad thing! Besides going to live a new adventure, I go with my man

But these news for eager people, like me, sometimes get out of the system. Unfortunately, I began to feel tired every day (thank you Fibro) and unwilling to write posts. This last part was also due to the fact that the visualizations began to lower, and a person discourages, is not it?

All this to say that I am obviously nervous about my new adventure that begins next month and that I need to rest and take time for myself. I feel like I’m getting tired and that if you really like me, I need space and time to deal with it all.

I need time and space, for me.

I will continue to present from Facebook and on Instagram. I can not tell you when this pause will last, but I’m hoping that going to another country will brighten my ideas and lead me to fantastic posts for you!

I hope you understand and accompany me in this new adventure. A big kiss,