Fibromyalgia Awareness Day

Obviously I could not miss the World Fibromyalgia Day! Here is a small reflection, I hope you like it.

For those who do not know what Fibromyalgia is, symptoms and how to control this chronic and autoimmune disease, I recommend you to read this post first.

May 12 is a very importante day to me, not only because I am proud that Fibromyalgia has the right to have one day, but also because this day allows the disclosure and demystification of it.

As I mentioned on the blog, people with this disease are often misinterpreted, are called lazy, too much sensitive and that do not want to work. If these people knew how much they can hurt and diminish (even more!) our self-esteem…

May 12 – World Fibromyalgia Day

That’s why I want to thank all those people. To the mean ones, who know how the disease is, but still have that comment to say. To the ignorant, who prefer to judge and who do not give us even a single opportunity. Thanks to you we go down, we depress, but when we get up we become stronger, more like a warrior and with the certainty that the next person will not affect us as much as the previous one did.

Thank you to all who make us warriors

Congratulations to all the people who somehow struggle against a disease that keeps on taking care of our life and, at the same time, still fight against a prejudiced society, with poorly informed doctors and with the hope that someday will be able to do what like the most, to get through a day without pain and without unbearable fatigue.

We fight against a prejudiced society

You are the true heroes and warriors. Only you know what it means to fight something that is said to be impossible to win. Never give up on anything! If it does not work in one way, give it another try. Believe me. I also thought I was never able to do something and now I am achieving goals. If anyone needs to talk, ask questions, whatever I am here.

I’m here for whatever you need

Thank you all who have supported me in some way. Sometimes the smaller actions are the ones that are worth more  ♡ A hug (without hurting) to all the warriors.