Would you rather? With Beatriz Matos

Hello everyone! Today we have a special post, do you know why? Because it was a collaboration with Beatriz Matos of the blog Diamond. In this post, Beatriz will be exposed to questions in which she will only have two chances to answer. AH! She will also have to justify her answer 🙂 The questions […]

1 year of blog!

Happy birthday my little baby! A year ago I gained courage and created this blog, first to share only recipes and talk a little about fibromyalgia, then I realized that I wanted to do  more and started to share a little more about myself, because to be healthy, it’s not just eating healthy but also […]

Questions & Answers

Hello everyone, I hope that January is being wonderful 🙂 I’ve been asking you questions on the social networks, to help demystify veganism a little and to kill your curiosity 🙂 If you have more questions after reading this article, feel free to ask them that I will respond with all the pleasure. Hope you […]