Apple “pataniscas” in the oven

Hello everyone! Do you remember those “pataniscas” of courgette in the oven? If you do not remember they are here. Yeah, we decided that these “pataniscas” had the potential to turn into a sweet snack! And it was possible! These snacks are crispy on the outside but inside… humm… the apple makes the dough moist and sweet, […]

Apple pie

Some may not have noticed but I’ve shared a recipe of an apple pie filling on this blog: apple delight . I finally managed to find something to do as a crust, that is, to turn the apple delight into an apple pie! Gluten-free and no sugars added, of course 🙂 Keep reading to see the recipe.

Apple delight (super easy)

This dessert is already mandatory in any family meal, everyone loves it! It’s sweet, crispy and healthy! In my opinion, to be perfect it is necessary to make a crust to turn it into a pie. It’s something I’m already working on and as soon as I can get, it will be placed here. Are you […]