Essentials for Fibromyalgia

For those who have fibromyalgia, it is well known that there are days when it is not easy to keep the minimum of comfort possible and to keep going. For those who do not have but know someone with fibromylagia this post can also be interesting! I will show you my allies to control this life companion, I hope, in some way, I will be able to help you!


As I said, comfort is one of the most important things for a person with Fibromyalgia. To help me in this part, I am practically always wrapped in a blanket and with a comfortable cushion in my back.

Hot gel bottle

Body temperature is one of the great factors to prevent or lessen our known pains. In addition to the blanket that helps us warm up, I use the hot gel bottle. It is practical and the temperature is maintained for a long time.

Ginger, curcuma and pepper

Inflammation. The word that scares us and that we are constantly fighting against. But I can help. As you know, I do not take chemical medications to control Fibromyalgia, so I use natural products such as curcuma, cinnamon, pepper and ginger, which are excellent anti-inflammatories.

If you have some pain and do not want to take pills, I have the solution – Golden Milk!

Relaxing music and time for introspection

Certainly you have heard that stress, anxiety or any situation that takes away your serenity is a great factor that could trigger a crisis of pain. I know it is difficult, but it is really necessary that every day or a few days of the week, you should take a few minutes or even an hour to meditate or do something that relaxe you. Personally, my brain is always “having a party”, I prefer to put on relaxing songs, light up a candle and mentally thank everything I have. If I have a problem, I stop and think what I can do, which is not under my control and if I can do not do nothing else, I try to move away from the situation and restore (or try!) my mental serenity. Is it easy? Not at all. But it’s something we have to try and improve.

I leave here some songs that help me relax ♡


I do not know if this applies to all who have fibromyalgia, but I’m always so stressed in wanting to do everything that I eventually end up not doing half of what I would like to do. What saved me was my diary and a whiteboard where I can write down everything I need to do and organize myself in the best way.

Bottle of water

I’ve mentioned this detail several times here on the blog, but it’s never too much to remember. A body that is inflamed is more acid than it should be. So we have to do the best we can to lessen this acidity. Drinking water with pH higher than 7 is one way to combat acidity. Warning that drinking water is not drinking a glass or two a day, but rather drinking at least 1,5 liters of water, daily.

Good Food

As you know, I follow a 100% vegetarian diet, avoid wheat and the consumption of gluten and added sugars. Why? Because everything that I avoid increases exponentially the inflammation or increases the acidity of the body which leads to increased inflammation.

I know that many people do not believe in this natural way of controlling Fibromyalgia, but for those who know me, they that I have gone from not being able to take a shower, to open a bottle of water or to drive to someone who rides a bicycle, works and deals with the house.

There are supplements (you can find natural supplements) that can replenish what our body needs like magnesium, vitamin D, etc. Do not take anything without counseling with your naturopath or doctor. Every body has different needs!

So, I leave here a table that shows the acidity of food

If you have questions or need more information contact me!

Comfortable bed

Do you remember talking about comfort? A bad night of sleep can be extremely debilitating for a fibromyalgic. It is very difficult to have the well-deserved rest, with quality, if the body is in pain, in whatever position it is. My solution was to buy an over-mattress, in this case from IKEA, with memory foam. Basically, this layer will mold into your body, allowing it to be nowhere being forced and yet be supported.

Stretching Exercises

This topic has also been talked about in the blog. Even with pain or fatigue you have to exercise the body: walking, yoga, pilates, etc. Something that is controlled, with little intensity and that allows you to relax. For those days when you are feeling your muscles or joints “stucked” I recommend these stretching exercises.