Easy and quick dinner

Hello everyone! Certainly you have already come across the fact that it is time to have dinner / lunch and there are not even ideas, nor is there anything already done. Well, it happened to me this week, but it’s easy to solve!

I made a kind of salad, crunchy, quite nutritious and visually appealing. Don’t t you think?

You will need:

  • 1 large cucumber;
  • 1 large carrot;
  • Half pack of fresh mushrooms;
  • Basil leaves;
  • Nuts (as much as you wish);
  • Chickpeas (for two dishes, I used half of a can of 845 grams)
  • Olive oil;
  • Red wine vinegar;
  • Garlic powder;
  • Oregano;
  • Cayenne pepper;
  • Coconut oil. 

Let’s start!

To begin with, take the Spiralizer (my best friend) and use the thinnest blade, spiralizing the cucumber and the carrot. The carrot should be large to be able to be spiralized, otherwise it starts to break.

Breake the nuts and spread it over the cucumber and the carrot. The chickpeas have to be washed and distributed around the carrot. Finally, take the mushrooms, wash them well, cut off their feet and cut them into slices.

To sauté the mushrooms, put a little coconut oil in the frying pan, enough to prevent them from getting stuck, and season them with garlic powder and oregano. As soon as the mushrooms are ready, distribute them through the corners of the dish.

To season this salad, add the vinegar, olive oil and cayenne pepper (Beware! It is very strong) in a container before spreading over the plate.

It’s ready! If you try this at home, tell me how it went!