Copenhagen: first impressions

As you may have seen on my Instagram I am loving Copenhagen! In this post I show you what I liked the most and the experiences I’ve had.

The first day was full of emotions and it would be impossible to describe it in detail. We woke up at 2:45 a.m. to be at 4:00 a.m. at the airport. I slept only an hour that night… The farewell was very painful. Not because I was afraid of where he was going, but because of what I was about to leave. It hurts so much. At the same time there was that eagerness to see everything. Luckily I had C besides me, it helped a lot

It hurted so much the farewell

We had to catch two planes, stopping in Paris. I never thought it would make a person so tired. Finally at 2:00 p.m. we arrived at our future home: Copenhagen. I can not tell you how enthusiastic I was!

First impact at the airport: everything super well organized and the people as friendly and helpful as possible! Everyone knows how to speak English, which is a big help. We finally got to our new home

We have arrived at our new home ♡

There was a small initial shock, I confess. Their culture is different from ours and taking a bath next to the toilet and on the floor of the bathroom was the most difficult thing to do. Besides, the house is small but cozy (we are in love with it). We are close to everything and just like all the other inhabitants of Copenhagen, we had to buy our bikes. Because? (you ask). Unlike most places of Portugal, Copenhagen is extremely flat and has everything “at hand”. With only 10 minutes by bike you will find a thousand restaurants, supermarkets, pharmacies and shops. It is so practical and welcoming!

Copenhagen is practical and welcoming

One of the things that I value most here is that I can go anywhere and be able to talk to everyone. In these 3/4 days I have not yet met anyone who would receive me badly for not being able to speak their language, on the contrary!

As for the food, at first it scared me because I did not find the gluten-free and vegan options that I was used to, I would have to adapt, of course. However, yesterday I discovered that in a supermarket right where I live, is literally everything I need! I made a party mentally (laughs).

For now it has been quite tiring, because we had to buy food, things that were missing from the house, start to deal with the paperwork and I’m not used to cycling at all, but I feel so good here. It’s all so beautiful, simple and welcoming. I can see why the Danish people are so happy!

Danish people are happier

C will start working and I intend to start learning the language and get a part time to earn some money. For now these are the news! Follow me on Instagram I’m showing a little of my day-to-day and how beautiful Copenhagen is! 


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