Do you know yourself? 20 Questions to think

I don’t know about you, but this quarantine has given me time to reflect about me and life, you can read about it here. So I found it interesting to put together some questions that help me to organize some ideas and understand what there is to improve. Do you dare to do it? ♡

6 vegan products that I love

Hey there! I do not know about you guys but I love to check which vegan products have better feedback and to know which products are vegan. For that reason, I decided to show the 6 vegan products that are used here at home. I have to remind you that I’m still at the beginning […]

My boyfriend is not vegan – Q&A

This is an issue that for some is impossible to happen and for others, with respect, it is completely possible. I’ve put together several questions you’ve asked to, once and for all, say that it is possible for a vegan and an omnivore to be happy together as long as there is respect!