My boyfriend is not vegan – Q&A

This is an issue that for some is impossible to happen and for others, with respect, it is completely possible. I’ve put together several questions you’ve asked to, once and for all, say that it is possible for a vegan and an omnivore to be happy together as long as there is respect!

1 year of blog!

Happy birthday my little baby! A year ago I gained courage and created this blog, first to share only recipes and talk a little about fibromyalgia, then I realized that I wanted to do  more and started to share a little more about myself, because to be healthy, it’s not just eating healthy but also […]

15 things I need to have at home

I guess many people who are in transition to vegan or thinking about it, wonder what I should buy? What can not I miss at home? What are the “essentials”? So I decided to show mine and show what to do with them 🙂 Tell me what are your essentials in the comments! Hope you like it!