# 2) What do I eat in a day? (Montargil Dam)

This weekend was different. We decided to spend it in Nature, relax and prepare for a new school year. We went to a campsite, right next to the Montargil Dam (I strongly advise you to go ♡), is there anything more zen? 🙂 In this post I show you what I ate in one day. […]

Vegan summer vacation

Hello everyone! 🙂 This year we took a week to go on a holiday to Algarve, more specifically Manta Rota! As soon as we started to organize the holidays came the biggest problem: when we dine out, where do we go and what do we eat? Well, if you don’t know I’m a strict vegetarian […]

Tips for an easier week

There are days we need to have everything pretty much ready to go and nothing is done, right? Either we needed a snack, or we don’t know what to bring for lunch and nothing at all in the fridge. This happened to me (still happens, but less often, to be honest) before beginning to organize the food […]