Crunchy cornflakes with black chocolate

Hello everyone! 🙂 Today I bring you a sweet recipe that we usually do for ourselves and to offer! Just make these crunchy cornflakes and wrap them in beautiful packaging and they turn into a great gift 🙂 Again, gluten free, no added sugar (except the dark chocolate) and dairy products free. Ah, and most importantly, […]

Cocoa and chia mousse

Any party or a special lunch/dinner asks for a dessert! This and the apple delight is what we usually do whenever there is a family gathering here at home. It’s great, tastes like chocolate, it’s sweet (depending on how much sweetener you use) and it’s guilt-free  Again, even non-vegetarians liked, approved and repeated! Curious? Keed reading.

Apple delight (super easy)

This dessert is already mandatory in any family meal, everyone loves it! It’s sweet, crispy and healthy! In my opinion, to be perfect it is necessary to make a crust to turn it into a pie. It’s something I’m already working on and as soon as I can get, it will be placed here. Are you […]