Apple “pataniscas” in the oven

Hello everyone! Do you remember those “pataniscas” of courgette in the oven? If you do not remember they are here. Yeah, we decided that these “pataniscas” had the potential to turn into a sweet snack! And it was possible! These snacks are crispy on the outside but inside… humm… the apple makes the dough moist and sweet, […]

Banana and oat bars

One of my favorite and practical snacks! Just wrap up a few bars and I can leave my house without thinking about what to eat if I get hungry  Super tasty, full of good and healthy things. The best part is that you can easily change the ingredients, creating lots of different bars. Let’s see the recipe? Keep […]

Vegan and gluten free pancakes

I love pancakes! They are great for snacks and for taking out and eating when you are away from home. You can do everything with them: sandwiches, with fruit, jam, chocolate, cinnamon, etc. Since I stopped consuming gluten and sugar I tried to get a good recipe for pancakes, like banana and eggs. These pancakes are good, […]

Cocoa granola

Hello! Today I got into the kitchen and I finally decided to make granola, based on some recipes that I found. I don’t know about you, but many granolas for sale are loaded with sugar, making it imperative for us to make our granola. I hope you like it, modify it and adapt it to your taste. […]

Ginger and nuts biscuits – V + GF

As you know Valentine’s Day is coming and I thought that making biscuits would be a great idea to surprise your lover! I  got it, he loved! After all, is there any better spice for this day than ginger? Attention, these biscuits are rustic but full of flavor and texture. With this recipe I made 40 hearts […]