Being vegan in Copenhagen – 5 restaurants

Being vegan and eating out in a country that you barely know can not be easy! I leave here 5 restaurants with vegan options that I love in Copenhagen

Ramen to Bíiru

For those who love ramen this is the perfect place in Copenhagen! This small and cozy restaurant has 3 vegan dishes: No meat ramen (110 kr), Miso veggie ramen (120 kr) and Spicy veggie miso (120 kr). The dish of the image corresponds to No meat ramen I think the image says it all and I don’t need to say how delicious these dishes are, right? The price of these vegan dishes varies between € 14.80 – € 16.10.

Warning: it has gluten!

You can find more information here.

Halifax Burgers

Who can resist a good vegan burger? Yeah, I can not (laughs). Here in this restaurant there is only one vegan burger – the Berlin (100 kr ~ 13.4 €). However, you can always make changes, choices, and add ingredients. You can choose between 2 types of bread or simply choose lettuce (I choose this to avoid gluten). Then they have 3 types of patties that you can choose from – this is the green pea patty. Warning! Halifax potatoes are the best I have eaten so far! They cost 30 kr ~ 4 €.

I leave the menu here and the site here for more information

Attention: Just eat this once a month so I do not know if the hamburger contains gluten or not!

42 Raw

This was one of the first restaurants I went to as soon as I arrived in Copenhagen! Here the whole menu is vegan and gluten-free The image burger matches the Classic Burger (129 kr). I also ordered some sweet potato chips (20 kr ~ 2.7 €). Everything was delicious, impossible not to like! This restaurant also has brunch menu, salads, sandwiches, breakfast and a wide range of delicious drinks. The price of hamburgers ranges from € 17.2 to € 18.5.

You can see more information here.


This must be one of Denmark’s best known vegan restaurants! Even before coming to live here, several people had already recommended it to me. It is indeed divine, with immense (too many!) choices. It’s all 100% vegetable and there are gluten-free options. In these images we can see the Supreme Salad (128 kr ~ 17 €) and a smoothie (I can not remember how much it costs). Again, this restaurant has options for lunch, brunch, dinner, breakfast and desserts! I leave here the site and here the menu (which has changed).

Føtex Sushi

This was one of the best surprises! Although I have eaten sushi vegan here in Denmark, this is useful, cheap and equally tasty! I say it is more useful because it is sushi made in the supermarket Føtex, there, at the time, just ask and they make a box with only vegan sushi. Prices vary by box size. I usually eat the amount you can see in the photo, fills a dish and costs only 79 kr ~ 10.6 €. This is the perfect option for those days that we do not want to cook or dishwasher (laughs).

I leave here the site of Føtex to find the most convenient store.

Please note: only the larger stores have this service!

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Hope you liked it! See you soon


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