April: the month of overcoming

In April so many good things happened that I thought I should write a post about overcoming. I hope that in some way this post inspires you and motivates you never to give up your goals and to know how to respect your body and mind

Many people think, and have already told me, that I am a great woman, a person full of strength and who does not give up anything. Well, it’s not always like this. I have already shown you on the blog here that force is not always present.

An overcoming of this month was being able to not do everything I wanted.

Well, knowing when to stop or slow down for our own good is a great achievement. It was this month that I noticed that I was more successful in that. Luckily I’ve had a lot of work with the blog, lots of ideas, partnerships and stuff (I’m not complaining!), but bloggers know perfectly how long it takes for a post to be ready and well done. Adding that time to the work that really gives us money and homework, we have… Well… Nothing.

The same has happened but relative to the gym. Sometimes I get excited, I want to do more than one class and then I’m going to get sick. I had to know how to stop, to know that my body has limits and that I can not always do things like everyone else. No problem, but I just realized that now

However the opportunity arose to hold a Workshop and of course it only took me to more load. But, I did. The Workshop will be held on May 5 in a store already spoken here on the blog: Milocas Granel. They invited me and I could not say no! Am I nervous? Yes, but it will be so fun to exchange ideas and knowledge

I managed to control the stress, the work and I did not have any pain crisis.

Thanks to my work and organization I managed to exceed 1000 views in a day due to the post of vegan products that I love. You can not imagine my happiness! It is so good that people like our work, that they interact with us and that they have doubts. I hope to continue writing content that you enjoy reading and that is useful to you!

There is no better reward than recognition.

Another great achievement was the purchase of the domain and the new blog hosting. Finally has a name and can start to have a more professional look! It’s an adventure with so much new stuff, but I love it and I know I chose the right time to do it 

To complement, I decided to create a blog business card and I’m super pleased with the result! I was the one who created the card design and went to the 360imprimir printing services to get a professional air. I could not ask for more, they were fast, the cards are beautiful and they arrived without any problem.

Last but not least I met a spectacular person who is supporting me both personally and on a blog level. I have no words to thank her. She knows who I am talking about. And if you have been attentive, you will know who I am speaking of. Thanks to her, I have evolved immensely, I always learn something new every day and I have the courage to make videos and videos! I would say a month ago that it would be impossible to see me in a direct, but… Here I am! 🙂

The month of April was filled with stress, joys, challenges and achievements/overruns. Let’s see what the month of May brings me.

Thank you for being on this side, I am very grateful! How was your April month? Was it positive or rather challenging? A kiss*