6 vegan products that I love

Hey there! I do not know about you guys but I love to check which vegan products have better feedback and to know which products are vegan. For that reason, I decided to show the 6 vegan products that are used here at home. I have to remind you that I’m still at the beginning and I’m still learning.

Strawberry body mist

This Body Shop product is just spectacular. The smell is sweet, but it’s not strong enough to make you sick, it’s perfect for me! There are more body sprays with several fragances and vegan. Price: € 10


Coconut shampoo

This shampoo from Inecto is great, moisturizes the hair well, leaves it soft and also has a good washing power. Despite being coconut and smelling super good during the bath, the smell does not last long in the hair. One negative point is that it is in a plastic package.

Price: € 4.99


Olive and rose solid shampoo

This shampoo from VeganCare was my newest discovery! Besides being a Portuguese brand, it is made with organic products and it is spectacular. It cleans super good, it makes a lot of foam, lasts longer than a traditional shampoo, and the smell is super good and lasts a long time in the hair!


Micellar water

This Bioten micellar water cleans super well and leaves the skin super well hydrated. A bonus is that it has a super nice soft smell. It is paraben free and it is suitable for sensitive skin. Price: € 5.49


Deodorante body spray

I was looking for a vegan deodorant with good feedback and they recommended me this one from Babaria. The scent is wonderful (roses), dries soon as we put it and lasts a long time. I’m super happy with the product and I recommend it! I can not tell you the price because I bought it in Spain 🙂


Fibre extension mascara

This Body Shop mascara (Lash Hero Fibre Extension Mascara) was a product I tried without having looked for feedback. But it was a pleasant surprise! I have not yet gotten 100% used to it, but I’m loving the result. First place the mascara, then put the fibers and then put the mascara back on. The eyelashes turn out large and well divided. Price:  € 12/14 (I could not find it on the site!)





I hope you enjoyed! If you use other vegan product, tell me which one! Kiss*