5 snack ideas

There are days that even with hungry, I don’t know what I am going to eat between meals (in this case between lunch and dinner). In this post I gathered several ideas of snacks that I usually do and that I love! Interested? Keep reading.

Bowl of happiness

It’s called bowl of happiness because, as grumpy as I am, after eating this snack, I always get better!


  • Apple;
  • Banana;
  • Cocoa granola  (recipe);
  • Coconut shavings;
  • Agave;
  • Manteiga de amendoim;
  • Sesame seeds.


Banana and oat bars

These bars are my salvation when I have to go somewhere and I’m hungry. They are easy to take and as they have fruit, cereals and seeds satiate quite well 🙂 They can be accompanied with vegetable milk, natural juice or a great tea! Recipe here.


Vegan pancakes

The pancakes taste great with everything! With fruit, nuts, chocolate cream (vegan), vegetable yogurt, jam, vegan cheese… Besides being great to eat at home, you can easily put in a box and carry in your bag to eat when you are away from home 🙂 They are fluffy, textured and delicious 😛



Snack in a jar

This type of snack is what I do whenever I leave home 🙂 Basically I take an old bottle of jam and put chia pudding, homemade granola (recipe) and a piece of fruit cutted in pieces. On top of this, I put some cinnamon, coconut shavings or agave. Super tasty and nutritious: D

Chia pudding: 3 tablespoons of chia for each cup of vegetable milk and just leave the bottle in the refrigerator overnight (6-8 hours). It will end up getting a similar consistency to the pudding 🙂 Before putting the chia pudding in the refrigerator I added vanilla extract (1/2 to 1 teaspoon).


Fruit with melted chocolate

Idea for those days when you are hungry and desire something sweet! I wanted to vary, because I’m always using peanut butter or agave, so I decided to melt a (large) square of dark chocolate in a little bit (very little!) of coconut milk in the microwave Then I put on top some coconut shavings (nothing new, I know!).

banana com chocolate

Hope you liked!

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