5 packed lunch ideas

For those who spend the day away from home and have no decent place for lunch/dinner, it is mandatory to bring a packed lunch/dinner. The problem is that not all the meals are nice inside a box or there is often no place to warm up the food. In this post I show ideas of packed food that I usually take or have already taken to lunch 🙂

Tofu bolognese with corn spaghetti and arugula

Bolognese is a dish full of flavor that we love to do here at home. In addition to the typical meat this dish can be made with soy or tofu, for instance 🙂 For health reasons, we do with tofu and corn pasta (it’s gluten free). The bolognese recipe is here.

I also made a salad of arugula (from our garden) and cherry tomato.

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Chickpeas salad

Chickpeas salads are the easiest and quickest meal to make, however they can be quite nutritious! In addition to the chickpeas, I cooked carrots, green beans and peas and added some arugula and watercress (from our garden). The sauce was made with cream of rice, garlic and oregano 🙂


“Pataniscas” in the oven with spelt and chinese cabbage

“Pataniscas” in the oven are a great substitute for the burgers, on top of that they are made without fat! Pataniscas’ recipe is here. To complete the dish I cooked spelled (beware it has a bit of gluten) and made chinese cabbage salad: for those who don’t know, it is great raw 


Chickpeas curry

I love curry! ♡ For this curry I used chickpeas, mushrooms, onion and basmati rice. First I sautéed the onion until golden, added the mushrooms and only when it was practically cooked I added the grain. Finally I put the coconut cream and the curry, paprika and cayenne pepper. The rice was already cooked from eve 🙂 The salad was set aside. Delicious  



Who does not like pizza? Unfortunately I had no vegan cheese and had to be like this anyway. On this pizza I used what was on the fridge: cherry tomatoes, corn and vegan sausages (top). On the one below I was more inspired and used mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, arugula and corn. In both two pizzas I seasoned with oregano, paprika, garlic powder, coriander and a little of pepper. Delicious and so good cold 🙂 The base unfortunately is bought: it has no gluten or dairy products, it’s from Schär. I’m still in the testing phase for pizza bases.