5 exercises to stretch and relieve tension

As you know sometimes I deal with moments when the beautiful muscles are contracted or I have simply “stuck” joints. These are the exercises that I do and that help me (try) to return to normal 🙂

By stress, physical exercise or simply by a fibromyalgia crisis, the muscles tend to get contracted, causing pain and restriction of movement. To help, the joints are sometimes stuck and may also cause pain.

At these times we must try calmly, stretch and make certain movements for the body to rearrange and return to its normal and equilibrium state

Do not forget to day-to-day move your shoulders from your ears. Unfortunately we tend to be always tense and contracted and this area of shoulders and shoulder blades suffers the most. I only noticed this when I entered Pilates and you are absolutely right! Since that day I have a little voice in my conscience saying: Pull your shoulders from your ears!

1- Snake

This position helps me mostly in the lower back, sometimes popping the spine. Snaps may scare you, but you feel immediate relief and mobility. Please note that exercise should be done slowly and with controlled breathing. Do not stop breathing! We are trying to improve the state of our organism, we have to do it with love


2- Butterfly

I do this exercise to release tension in the groin areas and in the area where the legs fit the hip. Sometimes I have this area completely “stuck” and only then I can (safely) pop the joint and return to normal. Again, slowly shake your legs up and down until you are comfortable.


3- Cat

Another exercise for the spine, especially the thoracic and lumbar region. Slowly, we go up the column, touching the navel to the column, forming a curve. This exercise helps relieve pressure on the spine and the position we hold for many hours with when we are sitting at the computer 🙂 To complement this exercise you can do precisely the opposite: put the spine in and stuck the belly button out, forming a U with the column.


4- The plow

I’m still not good at it (ahah) I can not even stretch my legs, but this helps a lot to release tension (even pops) the back of the lumbar, even down here. As I have the spine with an extra curl in this zone, this exercise forces the spine to do the opposite movement, helping to relax the musculature of the zone. If you are afraid of falling back with the help of your hands, control the movement of the spine by placing them in the lower back.


5- Squatting

Another spectacular exercise to relieve tension in the spine and hip area. Stir slowly and turn your waist in this position. You’ll see if you’ll feel like new 😉 Drop your arms and neck and relax, while gently shaking.


Tell me if you liked it and what exercises/positions you usually do to relax and relieve tension! A big kiss*

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