#3) What I eat in a day

I’m ashamed to say but the last “What I eat in a day” I did was …. 8 months ago. As I think it’s interesting to see what people eat (I know, I’m curious), and get ideas for our own vegan meals, here it goes! Hope you like it! 

 I hope you enjoy it, any suggestions or questions you may have, you already know what you have to do 


Since my current job has a very flexible schedule, I get up relatively late. I usually do not wake up very hungry, so I force myself to drink water first. For breakfast I usually make a smoothie. But it is not the typical fruit and milk smoothie (vegetable in this case). My smoothies have now evolved! (laughs). Here it goes: a piece of fruit (usually banana), coconut shavings, cinnamon or cayenne pepper, raw cocoa nibs, vegetable milk (usually rice) and a carbohydrate (puffed rice or gluten-free oats). It may not be visually appealing but the taste … makes up for everything! 😉


Today lunch was a set of leftovers: vegan chickpeas burgervegan potato gratin and salad. Super simple but sooo tasty! 

As it was a different lunch (family away came to visit us here in Portugal) we had to make a dessert! We chose to make crème brulée.


The snack varies greatly, depending on whether I have gluten-free bread or not. Today I did not have, I decided to make a bowl of fruit (in this case apple) with agave, coconut zest and a tablespoon full of almond butter. To accompany some mint tea 


For dinner we always eat vegetable soup before the main course. Today the main course was bean stew with potato and cheese. It’s simply divine and, again, super easy to do. Believe me!

It’s not hard being vegan! Just be creative ♡

Hope you liked it! If you like these kind of posts and want more, please let me know in the comments.


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