# 2) What do I eat in a day? (Montargil Dam)

This weekend was different. We decided to spend it in Nature, relax and prepare for a new school year. We went to a campsite, right next to the Montargil Dam (I strongly advise you to go ), is there anything more zen? 🙂 In this post I show you what I ate in one day. I don’t show anymore because we cooked enough for another meal 😛 In addition to  food, I also share a little of the landscape that surrounded us, hope you enjoy it! 🙂

P.S. Not sponsored. I show you some brands and places where you can purchase it for those who have curiosity or do not know the products.

Breakfast: 9 am

I wake up with this beautiful landscape and with the sun entering the bungalow 🙂 It is possible to hear the birds and the jet ski’s in the dam. We took a light breakfast, since we would then go to the pool. While sunbathing, I ate bread with vegan Mozzarella cheese and jam, with orange, mango and carrot juice (with stevia).

The gluten-free bread is from LIDL, the pumpkin jam with a touch of cinnamon (also without sugar) from PRISCA and the cheese is from Vegan Deli (I bought it at Intermarché). I filled my 0,75 L bottle with Monchique water for the whole day (I should drink two but I can’t always).


WhatsApp Image 2017-09-03 at 9.35.51 PM

Lunch: 12 pm

We left the pool around 12 o’clock, because the sun started to burn and  we had to make our lunch. We opted for a chickpeas stew, with peas, courgette, carrot and corn. Recipe here.

After lunch, we went for a walk around the campsite, drinking a coffee and relaxing (in the shade) until it was around 4:00 p.m. to return to the pool.


Snack: 5 pm

Around the pool there was grass where we could lie in the sun, read a little or even meditate. As snack I ate a bar of cereals, cocoa and berries, which although vegan has a little of brown sugar, to replace the typical honey. The bar is from ALDI (GutBio). Unfortunately I did not have any of my oat and banana bars, but I leave the link here.

The sun begins to set. The sky turns orange and there is no better view to end this day and start thinking about dinner 🙂




Dinner: 8 pm

The baths have already been taken, it’s getting dark and it’s time for dinner. As usual, we always eat soup of veggies before the main dish. For today, we decided to cook rice pasta with smoked tofu, carrots, mushrooms and rice cream (recipe here). Above, dehydrated onion was placed.

I hope you have enjoyed it and that everything goes well with the new school year, kiss *