#2) 5 vegan products that I love

I love trying out new products, especially vegan and, if possible, zero waste! Since the last post about vegan products, I have already discovered others that I find equally interesting 🙂

I think there is no better way to learn and want to buy a certain product, with the confidence that it will not be a disappointment, than reading true reviews (mine are all, but you know what I meant) about products that really enjoyed using it and would recommend it!

So here are 5 more products that I loved and I recommend 

Did not see the first post? Here it is.

Chocolate and mint body soap

This has already been mentioned here in the blog (here). It’s Musa – natural cosmetics and it’s super good! Apart from being super moisturizing and vegan, it is zero waste. For me it’s perfect 

Price: € 6.75


Tea tree and palmarosa deodorant

For me this was the best discovery ever! I had never heard about a solid deodorant in my life, and when I realized that it worked better than the others, I was completely in love. This is Saponina and you can see my review here.

Price: €3


Coconut hair oil

As I mentioned in the previous post from vegan products that I love, I love Inecto. Therefore, I bought this hair oil on my own initiative, as I did not have any that were vegan. It is so good, that even in dry hair (very stubborn one) results! Another product that I do not think to stop using so soon

Price: €6,99


Watermelon, kale and kiwi lip juicer

Just by thinking of the smell of this lip juicer… It’s from the Body Shop (which is increasingly betting on vegan products) and it is really moisturizing. Super soft, super easy to put on, with a wonderful, long-lasting effect and scent. This leaves no color on the lips. There are 5 different smells 🙂

Price: €10




Almost everyone who follows veganism has heard of this toothpaste, but it is never too much to point out that we have great Portuguese products that deserve our attention. It’s  from Couto, it’s a very old brand but it works super well! This is already used by everyone at home and we do not intend to change so soon! We stay with a super fresh breath and the paste is all white, there are no colors as in the most known.

Price: €1,49