15 facts about me

Hello beautiful people! As this blog is not only about food, recipes and vegetarianism/veganism, here’s a post to know me better: 15 facts about me. I hope you enjoy it and comment 🙂

Full name

Sara Patrício Canhoto

Birth date


3 fears

Heights, spiders and not seizing the moment.

3 things I love

My family (including my boyfriend), a really good book and healthy food.

My best friend

My boyfriend.

The reason I started blogging

Since I began to have a very restricted diet (veg, without sugar and gluten-free) first because of health problems and then because of ethical issues, I decided to share these recipes, since it is difficult to find recipes with these requirements. At the same time  I wanted to show that a chronic disease like fibromyalgia is possible to be controlled (without chemicals) and it is possible to have a normal and happy life 🙂

Something I really really want

Respect for all living organisms and for people to have the notion of how things really work in terms of food. 

My favourite song

Comptine d’Un Autre Été- Die fabelhafte Welt der Amélie Piano. 

3 Things that upset me

Eating with open mouth, screams and static electricity.

My pets

Two cats: Haruki and Blue.

Where I work

At the moment I am finishing my master’s degree and giving school support.

Something that’s constantly on my mind


My idea of the perfect date

Good food, film and/or spooning with blanket and music.

Do I smoke/drink