1 Year living in Denmark – How was it?

Time flies by and it has been a year since I arrived in this viking territory (Denmark).

I have no idea how it’s been (already) a year since we arrived in Copenhagen… But I really want to leave here the record of what it was like to go through the 4 seasons in this faraway land.

In terms of employment it is not easy at all. I managed to get one after 2 months, but it was only on the weekends and there were days that I had to work 12 hours. I wasn’t made for that (laughs). Luckily I was able to get another job (the current one) that I like so much.

As for accommodation, we already had a pre-arranged house when we moved here. It’s very small, very Danish and… very expensive. We are looking for something better and that, in the future, we can receive visitors.

Is Denmark that cold?

Yes! Actually this year was not bad at all. I think the minimum was about -5°C. But it’s very, very windy.

Which are your favorite seasons?

No doubt autumn and winter. Autumn because, in this time, the streets are full of brown and golden leaves and there’s nothing more magical than that!

Winter is a bit obvious right? (laughs) They told me  aren’t usually much, but until I caught the snow days and it’s beautiful.

Regarding personal development, I have some news. I found that I can ride everywhere with my bike. Of course I needed some training at first, but I was really afraid that Fibromyalgia wouldn’t allow me this little achievement. We started taking Danish classes in September. We have already done 2 modules, we are now in the third and we are going to take a break. We will not give up! But it is getting really complicated and I need to review and really learn the previous concepts before moving on to something more challenging.

As you may have already seen on Instagram we started running for two main reasons: we got fat (there are too many delicious vegan things) and to clear our heads after work.

This is it for now! May another year come full of adventures and achievements! Want to know more about Copenhagen? Just click here.

I hope you enjoyed!

A kiss,